Pub Poker – It’s Not as Underground as You Think!

British pubs are a hot spot for poker games. These small-scale tournaments are referred to as pub poker and they can be a lot of fun. Both serious and players looking for fun games can find value in playing these low stakes games. For starters, it’s one of the best ways to get experience with this worldwide card game.

Since the introduction of pub poker in the 90s, it has grown to become popular in many different national and regional leagues. Texas Holdem is the variant of choice for these tournaments. What players love about Texas Holdem is that the fundamental essence of the game remains the same whether you’re in a pub or at a high roller table in Vegas. Even playing poker online gives you the same experience as all of the above.

The Rules of Pub Poker

First, let’s have a look at the laws that govern pub poker. The Gambling Act of 2005 was created for this express purpose as the popularity of the tournaments grew. Pay special attention to this part if you’re a bar or pub owner who would like to open a league in your establishment.

Here are the most important rules to consider:

  1. There’s a maximum prize of $100– The winning player can earn no more than $100 per tournament. On the bright side, a serious player can bring in several hundred dollars every week by participating in tournaments. The rule does allow for the accumulation of wins. For instance, if a player is on a roll and wins 4 games in a row, they can collect a $400 win at once.
  2. There can be no fees, rake, or extra charges – we love this rule because it makes the games much more accessible to every player. It stipulates that pubs cannot charge an entry fee for hosting a tournament. The point is to maintain a separation between casinos and pubs. Pubs must keep their focus solely on selling food and alcohol.
  3. Maximum Stake of $5 – to prevent any games from turning into a “high stakes” event, there is a $5 cap on stakes. It also helps to maintain the distance between pubs and establishments with gaming licenses. Lastly, it helps to maintain jovial and fun energy in the games.

If You’re Considering Playing

Unfortunately, recent world events have all but ruined pub poker tournaments. However, you can still get the same form of entertainment without leaving home. How? By participating in small stakes online poker games.

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