Types Of Pokie Games

Types of Pokie Games – A Beginners Guide

There are several types of pokie games, and we’ve listed all of them below. Whether you are just up for a casual game at the local pub or planning to visit a top-class casino with your friends, you must know about all these types of pokie games.

Types of Pokie Games – Classic Pokies

Anyone who wants to have the traditional casino experience should try out classic best pokies. In the beginning, when these types of pokie games were first introduced, there were only electromechanical devices. These machines had only three sets of reels.

The main feature of the classic types of pokie games or classic slots is that they do not have the option of “reel stop” or “auto-spin.” Classic types of pokie games are comparatively new. The origin of these games lies in the first video poker machine designed at the end of the 19th century by Sitt and Pittman.

History of the Classic Pokies

Here is a little bit of insight into the history of classic slot machines. The prototype of these classic types of pokie games had five reels in total. All these reels also had five poker cards in the form of symbols that appeared as a single line.

However, the rules were very much like the present-day slots machines games; that is, when the player gets a winning combination of symbols on the betting line, he or she wins the game. A man named Charles Fey built the first of these types of pokie games

Fey called the first machine, Liberty Bell, and it gained the nickname “one-armed bandit.”

The design is still relevant today. Later, a man named Herbert Mills came up with a slot machine in 1907 that had some of the most common fruit symbols like lemons, cherries, and plums, and you can see these types of pokie games even today in the classic fruit machines.

Overview of Classic Pokies

The main reason behind the immense popularity of the classic types of pokie games is their simple and easy nature of play, which is understandable by everyone. Another reason behind their immense popularity is that people tend to win larger jackpots when they play these types of pokie games.

Some of the most popular classics include the original white, red, and blue slots. With years, more and more types of pokie games became popular, and along with that several follow-ups, games have also gained popularity.

Fruit Slots

Classic slots are also commonly known as fruit slots in many casinos. The name is derived from the fact that the symbols used in these slot machines are in the shape of fruits. This is no doubt one of the most favorite types of pokie games of every pokies player. Some of these types of pokie games also come with several additional features.

Accumulator Bonuses

There are some classic slots machines in which you will get accumulator bonuses where you must get a certain number of combinations, after which the bonus will be activated.

If you want to get the hang of the game, you should look for casinos and gaming websites where you can get free spins. This free spin can also act as a demo version to a first-timer where you can learn the mechanism of playing without spending your money.

Progressive Pokies

If winning some life-changing amount of money is what you want, then progressive online pokies are what you need. Most progressive types of pokie games machines are automated. This means from the amount of money you put into them, a certain percentage will be added to the jackpot you can win.

So, if you are wondering what factors make them different from the usual stand-alone slots machines, then you must know that the more you put money into them, your jackpot will grow accordingly.

How to win Progressive Pokies?

Are you someone who is a fan of this immense gaming world?  Then you must be aware that the machines are changing. In a game of progressive types of pokie games, the amount of your jackpot prize will keep on increasing the more you spin. This keeps happening until you win.

The increase does not happen randomly. There is a set percentage of increase. After you win the jackpot, the prize will be set back to a pre-determined level. The amount of the jackpot will continue growing in this manner as people keep playing until someone wins the jackpot.

Types of Progressive Pokies

All the different types of pokie games have one thing in common, that is, the more you invest money, the greater will be your jackpot.  We Explain the different types of pokie games below –

  • Stand-alone – As the name suggests, these types of pokie games are not linked. As you play, you will win jackpots of smaller values, which will keep increasing with a relative frequency.
  • In-house – The basis of these games is that the machines are linked together. But all the linked machines belong to one single gaming company or casino across multiple websites. With these types of pokie games, you will be getting much larger payouts.

  • Wide-area – This is the largest type of progressive pokies. In this type, the machines will not only be connected in a single casino but across several companies and casinos. These types of pokies can make you a millionaire and completely change your life. The difference is that in this type of pokies, the chances of winning the lottery are minimum. It can be compared to a mega-state lottery winning event.

Tips for playing the Progressive Pokies

To win the greatest jackpot, you will need a bit of luck. But you must also be clever regarding which machines you choose. In almost all casinos, you will get different banks of machines to choose from. And you should choose only those machines which come within your budget.

You must also see the jackpot amount that these machines are giving and ensure that you choose the amount of maximum value after weighing the already mentioned factors. Picking the right slot is very important from the pool of options in front of you. You must choose the type of progressive pokies slot that applies to your taste and style of playing.

Video Pokies

Most of the time, whenever a person enters a casino, they head straight for the video slots. The prominent reason behind this is that video pokies or slots are much easier to play and understand even for a layman. All you must do is fix your wager, and then you can spin the reels.

After that, you must wait for your payoff. In case you encounter a machine, and you cannot make out what its functions are, then it is best to ask the staff of the casino.

Components of the machine

  • Lever – A handle or a lever will always be present on the right side of the video slots machine. The lever helps in starting the game by setting the reels in motion.
  • Pay Table – Even if you are a first-time player, the paytable will help you in understanding each symbol and its meaning and whether it will give you a win. The table will give you details on bonuses and jackpots as well. Usually, this table is present on the top portion of the table, and in case you cannot see it, it will probably appear after you press a button.
  • Cash Tray – The slot games that are land-based give their payouts in the form of real coins. When you get a winning combination, and you trigger the pay line, you will see all your coins coming out of the machine in the cash tray. The cash tray is usually present towards the lower side of the machine.
  • Reels –In the past, when slots machines were first made, the reels were made of drums. These drums used to spin vertically. But nowadays, since everything has become online, the reels in video pokies are visible in the form of columns that give the vibe and feel of traditional drums.
  • Spin Button – As mentioned earlier, the handle is the part of the machine that sets it to spin. But with these machines that have the online functioning, you will get a separate button called the “Spin Button.” There are some other machines where you will get the option of “Auto Spin.” This option will keep the reels spinning automatically so that you don’t need to press the button every time. This will keep on happening until you stop it.
  • Bet Button – If you want to adjust your wager. This is present in video pokies machines that use credits instead of coins.

After you decide on your wager, your next step would be to choose the number of pay lines and the number of coins per line. Then all you must do is spin and wait for your winning combination to come to receive the payout.

Once you get paid, you can spin again for your chance at winning a jackpot. You do not have to be a pro to excel at this. All you need is a basic idea of the functioning, which we have provided above.

3D Pokies

Every casino has slots machines. They have become a staple, and they also have been present in the world of gambling for several years. But the advancement in technology has brought other special types of pokie games. These 3D Pokies meet the needs of the new generation.

If you are worried about how these online pokie games work and whether they are different from others, you need not worry as this guide covers it all and will make it much easier.

What are 3D Pokies?

Firstly, you need to understand what 3D Pokies are. With the word 3D, you might be conjuring up images of goofy glasses in your mind. Well, it is not what you think. 3D Pokies will give you a completely different and exciting experience. In most cases, you will be introduced to interesting characters in immersive storylinesThis will add a greater depth to your gameplay and excite your interest. You will also discover different designs and themes with the 3D types of pokie games.

Enhanced graphics coupled with amazing animations and sound quality; these types of pokie games will give you a memorable experience.

How to play 3D Pokies?

Something you need to check before you play the 3D pokies is whether you must download the software. You can check this with the casino staff. Most online casinos will offer you both options at the same time, and you can choose accordingly. If the casino requires you to download the software, you should, too, if your device is compatible.

If it is compatible, you can safely download the software. Then you can either choose to play for free or for real cash. In both options, you can choose from a wide variety of games.  If the casino doesn’t require you to download the software, instantly play 3D Pokies on the browser. So, to play, you must know what rules are applicable in that casino.

To Understand 3D Pokies Better

In most casinos, you will get the option of trying the games for free. So, in this way, you will get to know the various types of slots that you can avail of and whether you like the games or not. So, once you get familiar with all these slots, you can move on and try your hand at the real games. For that, you will first have to open an account where you must deposit some cash to start playing.

To understand how great 3D Pokies areyou will have to play them for yourself and see the difference. Once you start playing, you will also know about all the bonuses and jackpots that you can win. With the advent of the 3D Pokies, the casino and gambling industry have advanced a lot.

Types of pokie games

By playing the best online pokies for real money can be earned if you choose your games wisely and don’t lose patience. There are different types of online pokies slots in different casinos and gaming websites, and all you must do is choose the one that suits you best in terms of taste and style of playing. Everything is easy in online Pokie games.

The basic rules remain the same – you must spin and see whether you get a winning combination so that you can collect the payoff. But here are some terms that you need to be familiar with if you want to get some real money from online Pokies.

Pay lines

To win in the best online pokies in Australia, one of the most important things about which you should have proper knowledge about is the pay lines. The pay-out that you will get depends on the pay lines, and of course it the payout will only be made when you get a winning combo. The number of pay lines in the slots usually varies, but the number remains between 9 and 30.

You can understand this better from this example, if you want to have 25 possibilities of winning, then you must choose a slot with 25 pay lines. These pay lines do not have any fixed alignment. They can be horizontal, verticals, or can even be random in a zigzag pattern. If you have a winning combination on any of these pay lines, you will get the payout.

Wild Symbols

In simple words, wild symbols are nothing but winning symbols. So, in case you have the wild symbol with the other two winning symbols, in that case, this wild symbol will act as the third winning symbol, thus giving you a winning pattern.

To make it simpler, you can think of the wild symbol as the joker in a pack of cards. But you must always remember that the wild symbol, too, has some limitations. It will never be able to replace the free spins, scatter symbols, or bonus symbols.

Scatter Symbols

In the types of pokie games, the scatter symbols will be your best friend. This is because, with these symbols at hand, you can unlock a certain number of outcomes. They can also trigger bonus prizes, free coins, or even free spins.


Multipliers, as the name suggests, will multiply your payout value by a certain digit. This will, no doubt, increase the number of your earnings. The value will vary and has no fixed occurrence patterns, but they will magnify your winning potential.

Usually, you will find multipliers in the slots with big wins. The value of the multipliers can be anything between 2x to 25x.

Most online types of pokie games have five reels. You must also look out for the hit frequency in the slot machines. It will determine the number of wins you will get after spinning for a certain number of times. If the frequency is 50%, it will mean that 2 out of every four spins will be a winning pattern

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