How to Play Pokies?



how to play pokies

Playing best pokies is not at all a difficult task but all you have to know is how to play pokies and this article will give you an insight into that. Once you read this guide, you will be able to put it all together and start playing.

A First Time’s Guide For How To Play Pokies

  • Currency acceptors are present in almost all slot machines. All you have to do is slide your money in that slot and you will be able to see the equivalent credits on the meter. Then you have to push the “Play one credit” button on the reel-spinning slots. You can continue playing until you have reached the limit of coins that you have. Some slots have handles which you have to pull but most of them have buttons marked “spin reels” which you have to press.
  • If you want to play the maximum credit limit allowed on that particular machine, you can press the “play max credits” button. But not all machines are equipped with this button. This button will set you up for maximum paylines and use up all your credits on your chosen denomination. So, press this button only if you want to do so.
  • Some machines also come with an autoplay option. When you click on the button for going to the autoplay mode, a wide variety of options will be displayed in front of you. In the more advanced machines, you can also choose the number of spins in which you want to stay in the autoplay mode.
  • In some of the machines, you will see that there is only one payout line in the middle across the glass whereas in others you might find multiple lines and the number corresponds to each coin played. When the spinning stops, there will be a symbol on the payout line. Your event of winning or losing will be determined from this symbol. Some of the common symbols include cherries, bars, triple bars or even double bars and sevens.

Do Not Play At Any Casino 

  • The rule of winning is explained as follow. Suppose you have got one cherry on the payout line when the spinning stops. It might get you two coins. If you get a combination of the three bars, then you can get back 10 coins. If you get three single bars at the same time, you can get back 30 coins. Similarly, if you get three double bars, 60 coins will be paid back to you. And you can get as much as 120 coins back if you get three triple bars. And three sevens on the screen will mean that you have won the jackpot!
  • Similarly, you can even get blanks on the reel or even a combination with blanks in it. If there are blanks when it stops spinning, you will not win anything. Similarly, if your combination of bars includes a seven, then too, you will not win anything.
  • In the video slots, you might also get to play bonus rounds. They are also known as scatter pays. They are some designated symbols whose appearance on the pay line can trigger a bonus round. Moreover, there are special symbols too that can trigger the bonus round.
  • Whenever you win, your credit meter will be updated with your winnings added up. In case you want to collect your winnings, all you have to do is press the “Cash Out” button. You will be getting a printed barcode ticket which can be redeemed into cash. However, if you are playing on an older machine model, you might get coins dropping out instead of the ticket.

So, here is a complete guide on how to play pokies. Follow it thoroughly and all your queries will be answered.

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