How to Win Pokies Australia – Tricks You Didn’t Know!

Ask any casino either online or land-based and they’ll confirm that their number one source of revenue is pokie games. However, players all across the world seem to love them, even if you know that these machines are designed to generate a profit for casinos. We’re still always searching in hopes of learning how to win pokies Australia.

Indeed, there are certain things you can keep in mind to minimize your losses and give yourself the optimal chance of hitting the jackpot. The way that pokies work is to bring an overall profit to the casino out of thousands of spins by hundreds of different players. Within that sphere, there is still plenty of ways you as an individual can come out as a winner.

We’ll admit that the main reason most of us play them is to win big, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun as well. First, set a limit for yourself and stay within it! And keep reading for tips on how to win pokies Australia that you didn’t know before.

How to Win Pokies Australia – Learn How Pay Lines Work

You may have wrongfully thought that learning how to play pokies requires no time at all. However, there are several aspects of the game to learn about if you want to win. Firstly, you should pay attention to the pay lines and how they work. It’s one of our most important tips on how to win pokies Australia.

Pay lines are relevant to increasing the value of your wins. The more pay lines you play, the more possible combinations you can get and therefore, wins. That being said, you must factor in the cost of playing every line, stick to what you can afford. This also means you should choose the games you play carefully.

It doesn’t make sense to play a 15-pay line game if you are only going to bet on five lines. Doing so means you may never win the jackpot, which should be your main goal in playing. Many players don’t realize that to hit the jackpot on most progressives, you must be betting the maximum on every pay line.

Play Games with The Highest RTP Rates

The best pokies from a player perspective are the ones that have the potential to give you more rewards. Finding the online pokies in Australia with the highest RTP rates is one way to maximize your odds of winning.

For instance, when you’re reading our pokies news and see multiple huge jackpot wins on the same games, that’s no coincidence. The reason people win more on some games is that they have a higher Return to Player rate (RTP).

Luckily, you can find out that information with a little research before you start playing.

Higher Number of Coins is More Important Than Value

The difference between a single coin worth $3 and six. $0.50 coins is significant, even if they amount to the same sum. Most pokies pay the same amount regardless of how many coins you bet. However, the multiplier goes up based on the number of coins rather than their total value.

If the following tips leave you itching to try out your newfound knowledge of how to win pokies Australia, hold on one more minute. Don’t even think about playing at an online casino until you have a look at our online casino Australia review page.

We provide valuable insight into all of the best online casinos to play your favorite games. Choosing from the websites you see here is your best bet for a safe, secure, and exciting time!

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