Super Jackpot Slots Game

WMS is one of the top developers of casino slots games, and Super Jackpot was one of its first creations ever. It didn’t take long for this game to become popular because of it’s thrilling bonus content. Throughout the subsequent years, many slots entered the roster, but Super Jackpot held its popularity and still stands out today.

Super Jackpot is a five-reel slots game that gives you a betting range of up to 100 coins once you activate all pay lines.

The Look of Super Jackpot Slots Game

If beautiful graphics such as can be found on the new interactive pokies are what you’re looking for, you’ll be disappointed. Super Jackpot is more of a game for the classic and best pokies lovers. The soundtrack is quite basic as well. But if you want to win pokies, this is a good one to try.

However, the gameplay itself delivers a thrilling ride. The potential for winning big with this slot game is very high. As a progressive jackpot, it requires you to bet the maximum each time for a chance to win big and take home the jackpot. If you hit five super jackpot symbols you take home the prize, as long as you have bet the maximum that is.

There are a variety of symbols, all of which hold different meanings and capabilities.

Special Features

Super Jackpot has many special features that make it popular among regular casino gamers. The multiplier feature can give you multiples of your winnings when incurred under the circumstances of one to three pre-sets.

The party animal feature can reward you when using the multiplier, the dance feature, and the whack a pooper feature. If you land on a party saver, you will get a gift to save you from the party poopers.

Give It A Try

No need to be confused, you can try Super Jackpot in demo mode to learn how to play the game before betting. Games that are jam-packed with special features can be a bit overwhelming when you don’t know how to utilize them. Playing in free mode first before betting with real money is always advisable over jumping right in from the beginning.

Once you know all the rules and how to play the game properly, you’ll love the excitement of playing this popular game.

Many people have won tons of money on Super Jackpot, and you can too.

Why It’s Enjoyable

Although the game is designed much simpler and sophisticated than some of the new slots games out. It is very enjoyable to users because it was one of the first. The symbols represent some of the most iconic slots games that exist, and for this reason, most casino purists love the game.

Some people enjoy straightforward slots games because they are more interested in the end result than in the gameplay. After all, we don’t exactly play slots games for fun; there are a lot more enjoyable ways to spend time.

The feeling of excitement you get from slots games comes from the potential to win large amounts of money. On that score Super Jackpot delivers!

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