Pokies Machines – What Is It Exactly?

In the countries of Australia and New Zealand, pokies machines are nothing but slot machines. The term has been generated from the “pok” in poker machine and has revolved around the years to become pokies machine. Pokie machine comes with video screens in place of spinning reels that were used in the best pokies machines many years back. The sequence of the images on the machines comes up in random order which is chosen by computer programs. No two sequences can ever be the same one after the other. In fact, the sequence of images in pokies machines can never be manipulated by the players which were in the case of the spinning reels.

There is no basic strategy for winning in pokies machines as the ground rule is to play, play and play. It might happen that after consecutive tries you are unable to win, but it does not mean that you must stop trying. Trying on with the sequences is the key to win it big. So, don’t lose hope and keep on trying as you cannot lose all the rounds. There are certain tips that can help you in winning big prizes.

Tips for winning it big in pokies machines

  • Try to take advantage of the free spins: There are various pokes machines that offer free spins to the new players. Take full advantage of the free spins in the pokie machine as there are no limitations on your betting amount. Also, if you are new in this game, then you can also start by making smaller bets that can eventually turn out to be big in no time.
  • Avoid attempting for the branded pokies: Branded pokies might attract you at first glance. But, try to avoid them. The developers of the branded online pokies pay huge amounts to use the name of a certain brand. So, the chances of winning in those machines are less.
  • Make higher bets: The pokies machines award players with payouts which are directly proportional to the wager amount or the bet amount. So, whenever you make higher bets, chances are there that you might win a jackpot.
  • Choose pokies that come with the highest payout rate: Every pokies machine comes with a fixed RTP or return to player percentage. But, for that, you need to do your homework and gather information about the various pokies machines.

Strategies for being a pro

In the game of casinos, there is no guarantee of winning. Each and everything depends on your luck and your understanding of the game. When you have the basic knowledge about the pokie machine, your chances of winning are increased. Even if you win a jackpot, it does not mean that you need to leave. It might happen that you can win much bigger amounts than the jackpot amount if you try again. Trying on and on is the only strategy behind the game of pokies machines. If you thinking trying your hands on pokies machines, then the above tips can surely help you out in winning big.

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