Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Play Pokies Online

Pokies are, without a doubt more popular than every other casino game ever. Every week over 600,000 Aussies play pokies online or in a land-based casino. We’d say that’s a very big market indeed.

Many people do not know the first thing about how to play pokies, but even those that do tend to make certain mistakes. You can never go wrong when choosing to play pokies, they are in fact, very easy to play. But there are a few things to avoid doing that decrease your chance of winning.

Pokie games have more going for them than being extremely easy; they are also the most affordable casino games. So, it’s easy to see why they would be so popular.

We’re huge proponents of learning from the mistakes of others, so we compiled this list of common mistakes people make. If you’re wondering why you hear of others winning big, but haven’t had a win yet yourself, you might be doing something on this list.

Don’t Fall for Logic Deception When You Play Pokies Online

It’s very common to believe that after many failures at the same machine, you’re bound to win eventually. It might seem like a logical thing, but that’s not the way pokies work. These games are equipped with random number generators to ensure that every spin is random.

So, you can count on the fact that your next spin is completely detached from your last spin. The machine is not designed to keep tabs on your results and payout eventually.

It’s Not Always Best to Bet Low

You’ve probably seen it countless times in pokies news websites, that betting low is a good practice because it gives you more chances to win. That may be true for other games in a casino, but that’s not the case when you play pokies online.

With pokies betting, the minimum usually disqualifies you from jackpots and bigger wins. So, you might get more spins, but your winnings will never add up to what they would be when betting the maximum. Consider upping your bets especially when playing progressive pokies, otherwise you don’t stand a chance at winning the million-dollar jackpots.

Don’t Stick to The Same Games All the Time

People tend to gravitate to familiar games when they play pokies online, that’s understandable since the choices can seem overwhelming.

But playing only the traditional looking games can limit your wins. If you’re choosing the older looking games, you are missing out on a world of new features. Some of the best pokies out there are newer games, which are chock full of interesting features and bonuses.

They are more fun and, in many cases, can result in more winnings. At the very least, we believe your gaming experiences should be fun. And what better way to do that than by checking out different games?

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