Modern Pokie Machine Secrets Revealed

Have you always wondered how exactly pokies work? The older machines are self-explanatory, but the new modern pokie machine games are quite a mystery. If you are among the 600,000 Australians that play pokies every week, you’ve probably wondered how exactly they work.

We’ve got the answers, and if you want to know the secrets to modern games and how to play pokies.

Pokies are the most popular of all casino attractions, and it’s no different for online casinos. The new software-based modern pokie machine games offer up an exciting selection of pokie games in more themes than you can imagine.

 As dedicated pokie players ourselves, we understand exactly why they are so popular. Just imagining that a small wager of one dollar or less has the potential of winning a major jackpot is enough to get your heart racing!

How Modern Pokie Machine Games Offer Fair Play

Behind the scenes, these modern pokie machine games are far from simple. These computerized innovations feature some of the greatest advancements in gaming.

One aspect most players are not aware of in any sense is the Random Number Generator. The RNG is a very complex software program that ensures the outcome of each spin is completely random. It is programmed to give you a result that is unique and separate from the previous spin.

So, if you ever thought you would win just because you got close last time, you should nix that way of thinking right now. Don’t be discouraged by this simple fact. It literally means that games are completely fair; you have as good a chance at winning as everyone else.

Why RNG’s Are Necessary

Regardless of how much or how little time you’ve spent on a machine, you have a fair chance of winning. This is the way it should be on every game of luck.

If there were something to the superstition of “warming up” a specific game, then really the richest among us would have the best chance of winning. Now that doesn’t seem fair at all, does it? Why should the person who can afford to stay on a machine the longest be the one to win?

What the RTP Rate Means

We wouldn’t be your best online casino Australia review source for pokie news if we weren’t totally honest. There is a trick to every modern pokie machine that you should know. They are all programmed to pay out only a certain percentage.

That’s right, while the result of each spin is totally random, the amount you win is not. There is a percentage called the Return to Player rate that assigns payout to each game. This goes for both online and land-based casinos.

Naturally the best pokies you can find, have the highest potential for paying you in winnings. We guarantee that by playing the games with the most potential, such as many progressive jackpots. You stand a higher chance of winning good money.

What A Time to Be Alive!

Pokies have come a long way from the primitive mechanical games found in bars. Back then, the most you could hope to win was a free drink or pack of cigarettes. But thanks to the above modern advancements, the new pokie machines can make you a millionaire.

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