Weirdest Aussie Pokies Player Stories

Aussie pokies player stories are numerous, to say the least. According to many news outlets, Aussies play more pokies than anywhere else. Statistically, we have more pokie games than any other country in the world. Including locations, one typically thinks of when the topic of casinos comes up, like Macau or Monaca for example.

As your best online casinos Australia review source, we’ve definitely seen and reported on our share of wins. But one anonymous Reddit user who formerly worked in a Brisbane casino beat us on the topic of weird Aussie pokies player stories. We couldn’t resist sharing the odd, quirky, and sometimes sad stories to our faithful readers.

Some of the best pokies stories are also the weirdest, continue reading, and you’ll see what we mean.

Aussie Pokies Player Who Wasted A Decent Win

According to the former casino employee, he saw firsthand the dangers of getting greedy. One night he watched a woman win five thousand dollars on a pokies game, only to proceed in losing it all back on the same machine.

She was so sure she would win again that she ended up blowing all her money that night and couldn’t even afford a taxi home.

Groom Who Couldn’t Miss A Day at Roulette

So, this one isn’t about Aussie pokies player, but an interesting roulette story. One regular customer came dressed in a tux to spend the morning of his wedding day playing roulette. He left the casino at one point only to get married and later return with his wife this time.

They proceeded to spend their wedding night playing roulette!

An Unforgettable Jackpot Win

Once the dollar machine jack went up to a few million dollars and the machine was always occupied. People would sit and play for hours and hours. One Aussie Pokies player stayed at the machine for ten hours straight.

Finally, a lucky player won the jackpot after only betting one dollar! He didn’t even realize he had won and was on his way out the door when an employee had to chase him down. Talk about luck!

It just goes to show how random the games are. Even someone who barely knows how to play pokies can be a winner.

Lucky and Unlucky at The Same Time

One commenter who also worked for a casino added his strangest experience. While managing a pub, one regular customer wins a $37,000 jackpot. But he got so excited about the win that he fell and banged his head.

He refused to leave in the ambulance without his winnings. But since he had concussed, there was no choice, and the manager had to bring his check to his house the next day. We have to wonder if he hadn’t been hurt if he would’ve stuck around and continued playing.

The Moral of the Story

We couldn’t help but notice a common theme in these pokies news stories. Big winners tend to stick around and keep playing until they lose their money again. Which brings up back to the point of quitting while you’re ahead.

If we can learn one thing from these players, it’s that lightning doesn’t usually strike the same spot twice, especially on the same day.

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