Poker Table Mistakes You’re Probably Making as a Newbie

Aside from blackjack, poker is the most popular casino card game. It’s so popular that you’ll see it again and again on tv and in movies. Some people have made it their life’s work to master the art of good poker playing. Furthermore, the game is not going anywhere. If you think it’s time to pick it up yourself, or you’re wondering why you haven’t been having luck at the table, here are a few common poker table mistakes that newbies always make according to our Best Pokies resident poker expert.

I know that most people who end up here are interested in playing poker online, so these mistakes apply to both online and real-life games. Not to imply that online games aren’t real, because you can win (or lose) very real amounts of money in them. Poker is very different from the pokie games it served as inspiration for. With poker, you can’t depend on luck alone to win, you can and MUST hone your skills in order to beat your opponents.

Consider the following before you overzealously head to the next casino you see to join a poker game. Don’t feel bad if you’ve been making these mistakes; now is the time to correct your behavior and start winning!

Poker Table Mistakes – You’re Spending Money to Practice

This one of the first poker table mistakes that new players make; they read a few articles about poker and head straight for the table or a high-stakes game. I hate to break it to you, but you’re not ready. Use the valuable resources you have at your disposal online before going off costly poker tournaments or games.

It’s ok to use real money poker games for practice as long as they are very low stakes. If even pokie players can learn how to play pokies before playing real games, there’s no shame in taking the time to practice a game like a poker before putting money on the table.

You’re Not Keeping Your Emotions in Check

This is one of the worst poker table mistakes to make; emotions and poker do not go together. Where do you think the term “poker face” came from? The moment you let your feelings dictate your moves in poker, you lose the game.

Laidback poker players are the best kind. They make their decisions based on logic, common sense, and experience. They don’t allow stress or over-excitement to get the better of them.

You’re Focusing on Your Cards Only

So, it’s not a bad thing to focus on the cards you have in hand. However, a common poker table mistake is forgetting to consider your opponent’s hands. It would be best if you thought circumspectly about what possible hands your opponents can have in conjunction with the community cards in order to make the right decisions.

By this point, you’re probably feeling inspired to play a game of two of poker. Don’t make the final mistake of playing in a lousy casino. We do our online casino Australia reviews and pokies news to help you find only the best games of poker online.

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