Are You Wondering How Poker Chips Work?

The main thing to understand about how poker chips work is that they are money inside of a casino or within a game of poker. Many players tend to lose this idea when switching from cash games to playing with chips.

The reason for this is because it’s easy to forget the value of the chips during the game. They became something abstract and expendable. But remembering the monetary value of each chip helps you to become a better player.

Poker pros tend to prey on their weak opponents that lose the connection between poker chips and real money. Stronger players always remember the real-world cost of each chip, but at the same time, disregard that knowledge to make risky moves.

One way of looking at it is, losing $100 because you’re not playing well is the same thing as giving away $100. However, you can’t let fear dominate you in the game either; you must learn the delicate balance.

For new players, we decided to outline exactly how poker chips work to help you in your quest to becoming a poker online winner. We’ll also go over rules regarding chips and proper etiquette.

How Poker Chips Work – Colour Coding

Currently, there is no universally uniform method of color coding poker chips. Every casino has different monetary denominations for each color.

For example, black chips can be equivalent to $100 dollars, red $50, Green $25, Blue $10, etc. Chips in tournaments do not follow a consistent color pattern either; this is something you will learn as you exchange money in a casino.

Proper Etiquette

It’s strategically a good idea to arrange your chips in neat stacks based on their color/monetary value. This makes it easier for you to manage, as well as allows your opponents to guess approximately how much you have. Should you decide to go all-in considering calling, another player’s bet.


There are a few things that blatantly go against the rules and/or are frowned upon during games. Becoming a good poker player and learning how poker chips work means following these standards.

  • Hiding chips – it’s unethical and against the rules to hide any of your chips from other players. The reason a player might do this is to deceive other players into thinking he has less money than he does in hopes that by going all-in, he will catch them off guard.
  • Removing chips – it’s against the rules to remove chips from the table after you’ve put them down. Likewise, you cannot give your chips to another player on the table.

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