Are You Confused About Online Roulette Wheel Numbers?

If you’re new to online roulette and struggling to understand the sequence of numbers, you’re not alone. Many new roulette players have a hard time seeing a difference in variants of the game, and the online roulette wheel numbers and colors.

Roulette is almost as simple as pokie games and learning how to play is as easy as learning how to play pokies. Once you’ve finished reading this through, we guarantee it will all become clear, and you’ll be ready to start playing.

Understanding the Online Roulette Wheel Numbers

The key to winning online roulette is knowing the rules of the game. Part of it is understanding the online roulette wheel numbers. The positioning of the numbers on the wheel may not seem important, but they do matter when making certain bets.

We’ll also go over the differences between American and European roulette and explain which one is more advantageous.

The American variation of roulette gives the most significant advantage to the casino. The house edge for this game is 5.26%. That is double the house edge of the European variation. The reason American roulette has twice the house edge is because of the extra double zero slots which go to the house.

European roulette is the better variant to pursue since it gives the house an advantage of just 2.7%. The reason is that it contains only one zero, which goes to the house.

On both wheels, the colors alternate between black and red.

Different Kinds of Bets to Make in Roulette

Roulette is an incredible game to play because there are so many choices on how to bet. You have a great deal of control about the odds you’re playing, and it’s your decision whether to make “safer” bets or risk it all. Now you understand the differences in the online roulette wheel numbers; you just need to learn about the bets.

Here’s a brief description of every type of roulette bets, which fall under two main categories: Outside Bets and Inside Bets.

Outside bets are the so-called “safe” bets mentioned above. This category consists of odd/even number, black/red, or other variation. Outside bets pay out in much better odds since the chances of guessing correctly are more or less 50%. But the wins are less for the same reason.

Inside bets, on the other hand, are more specific to one or a few numbers. The payout is much lower odds, but if you win, you can much larger payouts.

Both outside bets and inside bets have their advantages, which depends mainly on your bankroll.

Play Roulette Instantly

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