How Do Online Pokies work?

Slot machines, or “pokies” as we call them in this part of the world, are a very popular casino attraction that has enthralled millions of players. Some of the largest wins in history have happened to lucky casino goers that hit the jackpot. Online pokies are a new and exciting way to try out microgames, but have you ever wondered how they work?

Online Pokies Are True Games Of Chance

A lot of people mistakenly believe that by sitting at the same machine for a while and haven’t won yet, that you are bound to win sooner or later.

Online pokies machines payout randomly based on millions of spins, so what you do individually on the machine in one sitting does not necessarily affect the next payout.

It may be hard to believe, but each spin of an online pokies game is completely random. The previous spins do not directly influence the future spins.

Who Creates Pokies Games?

Online slots games are created and developed by a few top providers such as Microgaming, NetEnt and more. You will find most of the games they create on many different casino websites.

Often when a game has gained a large following over the years, they will be updated and re-released. Agent Jane Blonde is a popular game that got a fresh makeover and in 2019 with a new look and features.

Pokies developers try to keep different individuals in mind when creating new microgames. There is something to suit everyone; if you like history, adventure or pop culture, there is a game for you.

All You Need To Know About RTP Percentages

Return to Play percentage is the term used to describe the amount of money that a particular online pokies machine pays out. This percentage is a portion of the money that is in the machine during a set amount of time put in by players.

If you want to have the highest chances of winning, you should try to find the machines with the highest RTP percentage.

A Few Key Strategies To Increase Your Chances Of Winning

Winning online pokies is dependent on luck for the most part. But there are a few things you can do to give yourself the best chance of winning.

Always play at the top-rated online casinos; they take fairness more seriously and often offer better bonuses than others.

Always learn the rules and how to use the special features available on every online pokies game you play.

On most online pokies machines, you have to bet the maximum to be eligible to win the Jackpot. This rule applies to traditional casinos as well, if you can, always bet the maximum.


A lot of people online believe they have a winning or no-fail strategy for best pokies. The truth is there is no such thing.

Online casino games are mostly based on luck, with the exception of a few card games like poker. The only thing that can help you to win at online slots is persistence.

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