Win Money Online– Australian Senior Wins an Impressive $18,468 Jackpot!

Massive jackpot wins are what we live for, particularly when it comes to our readership! We’re so happy to see in recent pokies news that a lucky lady in Perth was the biggest winner of the week (that we know of). Athena H. is an 81-year-old pokie games fan, who has been playing for over 20 years!

It’s easy to understand why she’s been playing so long; Athena has won numerous times over the years. However, she never imagined she would win money online, and this also one of her biggest pokie wins ever. We’re so happy that Athena has found a way to indulge in her favourite past time without leaving her home.

The current times are hard, especially for those that are alone. And recently widowed Athena was having a tough time staying positive without being able to see family and friends. But this $18,468 win is bound to brighten up her days.

Athena says that with her winnings, she’s going to spoil her grandkids with gifts, lucky them!

What Athena Did to Win Money Online

Athena says she does her best to find the pokies that have a somewhat large jackpot but avoids the million-dollar ones. She sees those as being more like winning the lottery. Instead, she chooses average size pots and checks winner boards often.

Sometimes she’ll go with games that are “running hot” but not paying out huge amounts. But other times she’ll try to find games that haven’t paid out in a while. Aside from that, she bets the maximum most of the time.

She adds that she also doesn’t stay on the same machine for too long if she’s not winning anything. Athena admits that part of the fun for her is finding the right game to play. So, she spends a considerable amount of time browsing and checking boards before putting money on a game.

All of which seems like a smart way of playing if you ask me. We’re so glad when people understand that there is no such thing as a machine that pays out just because the same player has been on it for a while.

We didn’t ask Athena for all of her secrets, but we’re sure she has a few little tricks that helped her win. For some players, it’s just a gut feeling they have when it’s a lucky day.

Tips From Us

Some people seem to have luck on their side, that causes them to win money online multiple times. We’re talking huge wins like the one above. And they must be doing something right. We’re not naturally superstitious, so we’ll go with the idea that they are choosing the right game in the right casinos.

But what is the right online casino? Well, for starters, you can read our online casino Australia review page for our recommendations. Joining a reputable online casino is vital if you want to win money online. This means finding a trustworthy casino that offers you the option to learn how to play pokies before expecting you to deposit money.

Finding a site that has all of the best pokies can be tricky, but we did the hard work for you!

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