Online Australian Money Games Lead to $44,563 Win!

We have another fortunate winner to reveal today; a lucky 22-year-old Aussie man has won a $44,563 payout playing online Australian money games! How amazing to have such a great head start at such a young age. We’re so happy for Oliver Johnson, what a fantastic win!

Oliver is currently a student studying computer science; he also works part-time as a barista.

“I started playing pokie games just last year, and this win is a lifesaver for me. Now I can pay off my debts and use this money to put a down payment on my first home hopefully. That’s something I never thought I could be in a position to do that before.

Obviously, I aimed to get there since I started playing pokies online, but this win surpasses my expectations. I love playing pokies because it’s so easy, I don’t have the patience to learn complicated rules for casino games. It’s just nice just to relax and use it as a way to unwind.

My friends don’t know yet that I’ve won so much, they’ll be so jealous.”

Why Online Australian Money Games Have Led to Many Wins Recently

With people social distancing in recent weeks, online casinos are seeing considerable rises inactivity. Particularly Online Australian money games like pokies, roulette, poker, blackjack, etc. Consequently, there are many big winners like Oliver.

Many players are taking advantage of the extra time inside by indulging in their favorite casino games. So, we’re seeing some of the biggest pokie wins ever!

We’re seeing more wins on card games like blackjack and poker than ever before as well. Many casinos are reporting higher payouts in recent pokies news. But is now really the best time to start learning how to play pokies?

Because more people are playing, the progressive jackpots are growing faster. In the coming weeks, we expect to see much higher than average jackpot wins. Thanks to Random Number Generators, it’s safe to say that anyone playing has an equal chance of winning. Since pokies are not skill-based in any way, even beginners can win. So, if you are thinking of trying them out, now is a great time to start.

But we don’t recommend playing at just any online casino. Make sure you’re choosing a trustworthy and fair establishment, choose from our online casino Australia review page for some of the best pokies you can find online!

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