Need Cash Fast? Aussie Man Hits $49,390 Jackpot!

Winning a humungous jackpot is a dream come true for any type of pokie games players. And this has happened for our very own Aussie players many times. In recent pokies news, a 52-year-old Aussie man struck gold playing a popular progressive and won a $49,390 prize! What a dream for many of us that need cash fast!

In one impressive stroke of good luck, Vinnie Simons couldn’t believe his eyes when he hit the bonus round, and then this major jackpot win. It’s not something that happens more than once for most people.

Imagine making roughly a yearly salary in just a few minutes, that’s exactly what Vinnie did, and we couldn’t be happier for him. Moreover, we are extremely pleased that he is an avid reader of our online casino Australia reviews and regularly uses tips and tricks he learned at Best Pokies.

This Is One Way to Go When You Need Cash Fast

Many different ideas come to mind when someone says they need cash fast; we can’t say that the biggest pokie wins are one of them. In fact, playing casino games isn’t something even remotely on our radar for someone in serious need of cash or having financial difficulties.

However, in Vinnie’s case and most other players when you’re in a secure enough position to give online betting a try, you’d be crazy not to. You might know a thing or two about how land-based casinos operate. However, one thing most people don’t realize is how much more lucrative online casinos are than their offline counterparts.

Firstly, just by signing up for an online casino, you’ll get a bonus almost instantly. These welcome rewards you see that promise 100% or 200% cash match bonuses means they’ll double or triple your cash. Therefore, if pokies at your favorite local casino was already a hobby of yours, then there’s no reason not to try playing online.

The second reason we love online casinos is that you can choose from so many different options. Never do you need to reach above your budget for a game of roulette or poker. With so many choices online, you can partake in real money betting and stay within your financial limitations. There’s also no one else involved except you and your game, so showing off for others is not even possible.

Our Advice

We mentioned already that the way to go if you need cash fast is not always straight to an online casino. However, if you have a little put aside for fun, this is the best chance you have to turn it into a lot more. Don’t jump right in without trying first. The casinos that we rate highly give you the chance to play for free before you’re comfortable betting real money.

Use this opportunity to learn how to play pokies if you need to. See which games you like first and study the winner’s board for clues on what will pay out next. Play smart for an even greater chance of hitting the jackpot.

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