Lightning Pokies Online Just Gave Out A Gigantic Win of $42,798!

A lucky Australian winner was announced yesterday with a win of $42,798 on Lightning Pokies online. In recent pokie news Noah Anderson, a 35-year-old bartender, was the lucky winner. Noah says his game of choice has always been pokies, and he always knew he’d win big one day.

Noah said he learned how to play pokies online and followed some of the expert advice he found on the best pokies.

What amazing luck that he stumbled upon the best online casinos Australia reviews and was able to use them to his advantage.

Lightning Pokies Online Was Noah’s Big Break

“Call it a hunch if you like, but I always had a feeling I’d hit big eventually. I wouldn’t say I’m a superstitious person, but something compelled me to keep playing that day. Thank you, Lightning Pokies online for this amazing win.

I was actually close to stopping, but I gave it one more spin. And I’m so happy I did because now

I can have some savings to my name, I feel like I can breathe.

I recently got divorced, and everything has been such a struggle. It’s hard living in Sydney and managing everything alone. I’m looking forward to putting some money aside in savings; I’ll probably travel a bit too. I don’t have nearly as much fun as people think I do work in the nightlife.

I’ve actually been thinking of taking some day courses in computer programming, so now I can do that. This win means a great deal to me because I can finally take some time to get into a proper career. “

Lightning Pokies online
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He Never Imagined Winning So Much

“I don’t think anyone goes into it knowing for sure they’ll have one of the biggest pokies wins, but I guess that’s part of the appeal. I’ve always been a risk-taker, but I never had the funds to bet in higher stakes poker or something like that. So, I stuck with pokie games because it was what I could afford at this time.

I’ll probably try my luck with a few poker games now, maybe set aside some of the money for that purpose. I’m very good at poker, I learned very young, and it’s a big passion for me and my buddies. Now I can try in a casino and see if I can win.

But for now, what I’ve won here is a nice boost in the right direction.

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