“I Never Expected to Win Money Online” – Winner of $30,756!

In recent pokies news, another lucky Aussie is making headlines with a $30,756 win! While it’s easy to win money online, because these casino games are based on luck, many are in disbelief. After all, you go into it with the hopes of coming out a winner. But when it happens, there’s a moment when it feels so surreal.

We should know, at Best pokies, we speak to winners regularly, and 38-year-old Rachel Nguyen is no exception. The stay at home mom has been playing pokies for many years now. And this is not even her first win, although it is her biggest pokie wins. Back in 2015, Rachel won over $5000 and took her family on a cruise with her winnings.

Her husband, who works as a pediatrician didn’t understand why Rachel loves to play pokie games with her extra cash, but this big win is bound to change his mind.

Why It’s Easier to Win Money Online

Rachel learned how to play pokies in a land-based casino. But after having children leaving the house to play was too difficult. So, she game playing online casino games a try and found that it’s almost the same.

We can attest to that as well, being avid pokie players ourselves. In many cases, it’s actually preferable to land-based casinos because there is more selection. A little-known fact is that online casino games also have higher Returns to Player rates, sometimes by as much as 10%. It may not seem like a lot, but it makes a massive difference in the number of winners.

Because of the higher RTP rates, you actually have a much better chance to win money online than in a traditional sense. Most people think it’s the opposite. Another reason the wins are bigger online is that there is a higher volume of players on average.

The best pokies draw in massive crowds with hundreds of players vying for the prize. This rush means jackpots grow exceedingly quickly and payout in more significant amounts. RTP rates are set, so the more people playing means the casino pays out more, while a small percentage goes to the casino as revenue.

But if you want to win money online, it’s a matter of choosing the most trustworthy and fair sites. That’s why our online casino Australia review system comes in handy. To have a fair chance at winning and hassle-free processing of said winnings, you must a reputable institution!

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