Fast Money Slot Game – Aussie Player Wins over $41,000!

It’s not every day that we such an incredible win by our very own Best Pokies Aussie players. Some of the biggest pokie wins happen on the games that you don’t see every day in the pokies news. However, that’s ok, because you never know which game will yield a massive win like this. For instance, the Fast Money slot game isn’t necessarily one of the games you see everywhere.

 However, the win of the day goes to a Fast Money slot player from Brisbane! Al Mishev is a 30-year-old tow truck driver who just won $41,045 on slots. Al could do a lot with such a hefty sum of extra cash! We’re sure he can’t wait for flights to go back to normal so he can indulge in a nice vacation. That’s what we would be doing with some of that cash.

Fast Money Slot – About the Game

In the EGT Fast Money slot game, there’s no beating around the bush. The aptly titled game goes straight for what players want, fast money. Who can think of a better theme for pokie games than cash? The creators don’t complicate things here; your full attention can go towards spinning the reels for that potential big win.

The design of the game maintains the focus of winning the goods, no disguises here. Moreover, the graphics of the game are absolutely immaculate, and the sound effects are excellent. Although it’s straightforward, there’s a lot of incentives to keep playing.

For example, you’ll be spinning those reels when a side game pops up with a side game that gives you more chances to win. The images bring to mind all elements of wealth like yachts, jets, cars, and just a bunch of money.

When you get a winning line with the wild symbol, there’s a great animation that opens the doors of the mansion, so you settle in by the fireplace. The soundtrack of the Fast Cash slot game is unique because it doesn’t really kick in until you win, then there’s a 70’s inspired hit.

Take It Slow

Even though the game is called Fast Money doesn’t mean you need to rush. You can slow it down in the fun mode, which gives you the chance to play without making a real money bet. It’s the ultimate method to learn how to play pokies.

The game simulation behaves the exact same way that the real money version does. Therefore, you can get an authentic feel of the game without risking anything. It’s a complete replica of the game in every way. Furthermore, there’s no limit on how long you can enjoy the game like that.

If you feel inspired by this pokie win to try your luck, be sure to read over our online casino Australia review page for the best sites to join. We’ve done the work of testing all of the leading websites to recommend only the best. If you want a chance at winning, you can’t go wrong choosing a top site.

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