How Searching “Pokies Near Me” Resulted in A Massive Win!

A man from Melbourne won a massive jackpot online after a simple search we all do. Ethan Taylor, a 28-year-old paramedic, was at work on a particularly slow night when he decided to do something we’ve all done. He searched for “pokies near me,” which later led to the win of his life!

Ethan won $254,598 on a progressive jackpot pokie! One of the biggest pokie wins of the week! And he did it by landing on our page of recommended casinos. We couldn’t be happier for Ethan.

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Ethan Can’t Believe His Luck from Searching Pokies Near Me

We asked him how it feels to win so much and what he plans to do with the money, and here is what he said:

“I usually play online when I’m at home, but on this night, I decided to google some pokies near me. I was just bored and needed a way to pass the time. So, I read some best online casinos Australia reviews and decided to play from a site on the best pokies.

I had no idea I could ever win this much money. I mean, I knew that some jackpots get huge, sometimes millions. But I’ve never been so lucky in casinos, but I just love playing slots, they’re so addicting. To think a few months ago, I didn’t even know how to play pokies and now look what happened. It’s amazing.”

An Unimaginable Win!     

“Who could imagine winning this much money? I know it happens, but I never thought I would get so lucky. I guess I always thought there was a catch to the whole thing, so I thought of it as more a way to pass the time. I never counted on actually winning so much money, so I stuck to smaller bets like pokie games.

I’ve never tried any other casino games, in all honesty. Now I can finally do some of the travelings I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’ve always dreamed of buying a nice car and doing some more traveling and now I can do that.”

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