Aussie Slots Player Hits A Major Jackpot of $32,659!

We love bringing exciting pokies news of big winners. And this week we have another huge winner to announce. A 23-year-old student just won $32,659 playing online! The Aussie slots player is new to the world of virtual casinos, Liam had only visited land-based casinos with his parents in the past.

“My parents are long time casino players, my dad usually heads straight to the poker tables, but my mom loves pokie games. I have given it a try in casinos before, usually making the minimum bet. I just thought it was a fun thing to do, but nothing too serious. “

Aussie Slots Player
An Aussie player win money in pokies

How the Aussie Slots Player Won

“My mom is now an avid Aussie slots player, so I decided to give it a try. The first day I did what I usually do and bet the minimum on a few random games I found through best pokies.

But this time, I decided to follow some of their advice and tried out progressive pokies games. The game I played was Vikings, and I bet the maximum most of the time. About an hour in, I hit a $32,659 jackpot. I couldn’t believe I won one of the biggest pokie wins!  I had to facetime my mom to make sure it was for real and not some kind of trick.

This is a lot of money for me. I make very little working as a barista, and now about half the winnings are going straight to my student loans. But it’s nice that I have a little fun money too. I’m going to keep playing pokies to see what else can happen.

My advice to anyone is just to read some of the helpful tips and tricks and give them a try. If I hadn’t learned a few things online, I don’t think I would’ve won this much. I definitely learned how to play pokies properly by reading about them.

Good to Know What Pays Off!

I guess we can say that playing smart is better than playing for as long as possible. Many players that have won suggested similar strategies. Reading a few of our best online casinos Australia reviews helps to give you ideas for both where to play and which games.

We suggest using all the resources you have at your disposal and trying games out in freed mode before betting. It’s always better to understand the special features and bonus rounds first and foremost.

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