Aussie Man Wins $24,698 Playing Online Bingo for Money!

Today’s Best pokies major jackpot winner didn’t happen on pokie games, so if you were expecting another biggest pokie wins, you’re in for a surprise. 62-year-old Martin Brown from Adelaide just took home the win of a lifetime. What’s more, Martin says it’s only his third time playing online bingo for money!

We know there’s never a formula for winning online casino games. However, Martin must have been having quite a lucky day to win on his third time playing. Because he discovered his casino of choice through us, we asked Martin how he got so lucky!

How Martin Won So Much Playing Online Bingo for Money

“My wife and I have been playing bingo at our community center for years. Being the avid bingo players that we are, we did win occasionally; we’ve won free dinners and a few hundred dollars here and there. Recently a friend from bingo let us in on the secret that you can play bingo online. Until then, the thought had never occurred to either me or Sandy.

So, we went online to try playing online bingo for money since they canceled at the community center this week. We never imagined we would win, but it was so much fun, and the prizes were much more extravagant than what we usually play for.

We are both still in shock that we’ve won so much money; it’s remarkable. Neither of us had ever played any real money games online; I don’t even know how to play pokies!

I think once all of this virus panic dies down completely, we’ll be taking our yearly vacation with some of our winnings. We both work hard, and we deserve it.”

Who Would Think Bingo Could Be So Rewarding?

We’re so happy for Martin and Sandra; we wish them a healthy and happy vacation when the time comes! We also wish them good luck as we’re sure they’ll continue playing their favorite game. We wouldn’t be surprised if they choose online bingo over the community center from now on.

If you want to try your luck at playing online bingo for money, give one of our recommended sites a try. Just have a look at our online casino Australia review page, for many casinos that offer bingo. We love providing pokies news of big winners! Especially for the less popular games like bingo, unexpected wins are very satisfying!

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