AU Slots Online Player Wins $24,213!

Every time we hear about some of the biggest pokie wins, it’s a cause for celebration and worthy of a pokies news headline. Over the weekend, a luck AU slots online player won $24,000. It’s the million-dollar jackpot, but this win is enormous! We could think of a lot of great ways anyone could use extra cash like that. It’s about a year’s worth of mortgage payments, a new car, vacations, just an incredible win no matter what your income level.

With summer now in full swing but things still not back to normal with the recent crisis over our heads, it’s nice to have some money to fall back on.

In this case, the 27-year-old Aussie waiter that won is nothing short of ecstatic. He can now pay off his student loans and finally get the vacation he’s been working so hard for. We hope things settle down soon so he can make the trip!

How Did the AU Slots Online Happen?

The 27-year old wishes to keep his name private, but he was more than happy to share his story of how this fantastic AU slots online win occurred.

“I wouldn’t exactly say that I’m an avid casino gambler, but I play here and there. I and my ex-girlfriend used to have a lot of fun going to casinos, but we would usually stick to cards or games like roulette. I never used to play too many pokie games, so when I started online, I barely knew how to play pokies.

Anyway, it didn’t take me long to transition from offline to online games. I actually found the games online to have more variety, and I liked it better. From the beginning, I started to see small wins roll in. So, it pulled me back to keep trying for bigger jackpots.

This was the case on Saturday when I made a $120 deposit to my account and started to play Vikings, my go-to game. At first, nothing happened except for a few smaller wins, but I was up; after about an hour, I hit a huge amount of over $23,000. I ended up cashing out with $24,213!

I couldn’t believe my luck, and I just kept staring at the screen in disbelief. I’m honestly so glad I gave this game a try. I’ve never won this kind of cash in my whole life”.

Amazing Win!

It’s not every day that someone wins a million-dollar jackpot. However, wins in the amounts like this AU slots online win happen more often than you would believe. Some casinos are renowned for having fantastic payouts and the low house edge on games. As you’ll see in our Best Pokies shortlist.

But winning slots always boils down to luck. Although we wish there was a formula to learn how to win like this. All we can say is that you must find a casino that provides a fair, legal, and reputable platform so that you at least have a reasonable chance of hitting big one day. We make it easy by doing our online casino Australia review page, which makes recommendations on where to play.

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