$51,256 Jackpot Won by Woman in Australia

Everyone that has ever entered a casino likely had the daydream of walking out with a million-dollar jackpot. One lucky lady who wishes to remain anonymous won over $51,256 in an online casino. While it’s not exactly a million, this amount is still one of the top pokies wins in Australia of 2019.

Progressive jackpots are the best pokies to play because jackpots add up to millions of dollars you can win. In order to win progressive jackpots, you must bet the maximum like this lucky woman did.

In One Spin A Life-Changing Win Occurred

She wishes to keep her name unpublished but had the following to say about her incredible win:

“I was having a long hard day at my job as a caregiver, dealing with many things that came up that day. I just wanted to go home and relax. When I finally got home, I had some emails to take care of, and then I decided to play some online pokies.

 I chose a game I hadn’t played before that had a vampire theme. I forgot the exact name. I played for a while but didn’t win anything, so I decided to go to my new favorite, a game called Mystic Fortune. I love the classic, uncomplicated feel of this game, and I’ve always felt lucky playing.

My largest win in the past was just $350 that I won on Mega Moolah, but that was years ago. Recently I had won smaller amounts on my new favorite game, like $25 and $60. I wasn’t feeling particularly lucky today, and I just wanted to get my mind off the hard day I had.

Of course, every time I play, I try to win pokies, I avoid complicated cards and other casino games I don’t understand. I prefer to stick with what I know and play pokies instead. I never imagined I would win such a large amount of money. This is the stuff dreams are made of; I can finally pay off my mortgage and other debt that has been a weight on my shoulders.

I’m so thankful that I chose to get online and play that day. I was planning on making dinner and catching up on my shows, but at the last minute decided to play a few games first. I’m so glad something compelled me to play so that I can win this money.”

Every Win Counts

Perhaps the satisfaction of every win is what keeps players coming back to play pokies. There is no formula for how to win pokies since every spin is completely random. There have been many cases of people winning large amounts more than once.

What they have in common is that they tend to play consistently; they often have their favorite games. Playing more often and on the same machine does not mean you must win eventually. But each random spin you make is one unique chance you have of hitting the jackpot too.

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