Why You Should Be Playing on the Best Pokies App for Smartphones

Pokies are hands down the most commonly played casino game in Australia, which is why so many online casinos place extra emphasis on their pokie games to entice new players. It’s also why in the last few years, we see so many pokies apps. Therefore, it’s hard to choose from so many different options, so we put together a list of the best pokies app for smartphones.

Most players don’t have the patience to rely on a desktop computer when they are in the mood to play pokies. And now that you can do just about anything you need right on your phone or tablet; it only makes sense that playing your favorite games would be next.

If you’re wondering how we manage to find the best pokies app for smartphones, read on.

Just as we do when we’re writing an online casino Australia review, we scrutinize apps carefully. We look at the following things when considering which apps are mediocre and which ones are great:

  • Whether the app is free or not
  • The ratings by real users on the app quality
  • Does the app have a selection of the best pokies and other games?
  • Is the app by a trusted and legitimate casino?

Which Games to Play on the Best Pokies App for Smartphones

Some games are an absolute joy to play on desktop sites, causing them to appear in all the pokies news for winners and some fall flat. It’s hard to create a list of all-time favorites because that list is different for everyone. What I’m trying to say is, variety is necessary to produce the best pokies app for smartphones.

For some reason or another, people tend to have a shorter attention span on their phones than they do on computers. So, the average player will want to try many different games before settling on one for real money. Especially those that are just learning how to play pokies.

Below are the categories that most of the best online pokies for real money fall under. The best pokies app for smartphones will have many games for each type.

Classic Pokies

If you’ve ever played in a land-based casino, you must know that classic pokies are the three and five reel games you find in abundance. They can have a single pay line and much fewer bonus symbols than other variations online. There low minimum spin makes them very popular for noncommittal players just in it for fun.

Progressive Pokies

Have you ever seen a game advertising a million-dollar jackpot and daydreamed about winning it? This is called a progressive pokie. They get this name because each time a player spins, a percentage of his bet goes toward a jackpot. Eventually, one lucky player wins this jackpot, and the game starts over.

Video Pokies

Many of the interactive and fun games you see at online casinos fall under this category. Players love them because they offer more unique features, bonus symbols, and payout more continuously than other games. They also come in so many different themes that there’s never a dull moment!

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