Best Online Pokies For Every Type Of Game

Australians love their pokies games, so it’s no surprise there are so many online casinos that offer tons of them. While all pokies are usually simple to play, not all are the same. Every pokies game has it’s own features and bonuses. The best online pokies are normally subjective to taste since there is every theme you can think of as well.

If you’re looking for only the best online pokies, you’ve landed on the right page. We’ve summarized the different types of pokies games and even included a few names you might like to try.

Let’s start with the most popular pokies games.

Progressive Jackpots Are The Best Online Pokies For Winning Big

Surely you didn’t come here to play pokies just for fun. You want to have a chance to win big money and changing your life. This is something usually only possible on progressive jackpots. A progressive jackpot is a pokies game where a part of the money that goes in is accumulated into a jackpot.

When a lucky person hits this jackpot, the money goes down to the minimum and is then built back up again. Every progressive jackpot game will have the current jackpot listed, so you know what you can win.

Progressive jackpots naturally have the largest potential prizes of any other type of pokies game. If you’ve ever searched for the top pokie wins of all time, you can be sure they were won on progressive jackpot pokies. Most people consider progressive jackpots to be the best online pokies and don’t play any others.

Try Megaspin Pokies If You Love To Multitask

You have probably seen people before in casinos playing more than one machine; perhaps you like to do this yourself. Did you know it’s possible to do this online as well? That’s what megaspin games are all about. With megaspin pokies games, you can play multiple games that are the same kind, at the same time.

Remember, although you increase your chances of winning using this method, you also spend more, at a faster pace.

Interactive Pokies Are More Fun

If you want to enjoy the experience of playing the best online pokies and are not only concerned with winning. You should try Interactive pokies; they combine more visually appealing graphics and video clips into the game. Playing interactive pokies feels more like a real video game than other pokies types.

These types of pokies were created to immerse you in the story or theme of the game. They are more fun and enjoyable than just spinning the reels over and over. For that reason, interactive pokies have become extremely popular since they were introduced by Rival software.

Multiple Pay-Line Pokies Games

The older type of pokies which you may not even remember only had one pay line. Most new pokies games have multiple pay lines that are dependent on your bet. You can choose to activat from 1 to 25 payline.

Some machines will even give you more options. You must bet more to activate multiple pay lines, but you will greatly increase your chances of winning too.

Some notable multiple pay lines games are Tarzan, Mermaids Millions, Agent Jane Blonde, Treasure Nile, and tons more. You have a lot options if you wish to play multiple pay lines games. Many of the best online pokies have this capability, so you can almost always count on finding it.

Wild Symbol Pokies

This is another feature that is not hard to come across, especially with the new pokies games available. Most of the best pokies games out now have a “wild” symbol. A wild symbol is a designated symbol that you can substitute for any other symbol in the game.

Different wild symbols have pay outs that are unique, but the result is that they all can turn a losing spin into a win. Wild symbols are commonly found on some of the best online pokies games because they give you an extra shot at winning.

Bonus Game Pokies

Many of the best online pokies offer the chance of a bonus round. When a specific set of symbols appears it will trigger a bonus round or free spins. During these plays, you can also win free spins. Some games will have a game within a game as the bonus round.

Sometimes, prizes are doubled or tripled if won during bonus rounds. It’s a major selling point of many games what the bonus round entails.

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