Instant Loans Seeker in Australia Wins $22,544!

There are a lot of issues plaguing us right now that would force many to look for instant loans for short term fixes. Most of us imagine ourselves winning hug rewards when playing pokie games, or any other casino staples for that matter. However, for one lucky Aussie mom that became a reality!

31-year-old Hope Lowry from Sydney was in a tough position financially when she finally hit a $22,544 jackpot. After years of playing and winning the odd amount here and there, Hope finally struck one of the biggest pokie wins of the week in Australia.

We’ve seen it happen many times; players that win thousands of dollars unexpectedly and just when they need it most. Of course, in current times, arguably, the majority of us could use instant loans or major wins.

Looking for Instant Loans and Coming Out with Thousands in Winnings

Hope was in a situation where she instant loans to survive the effects of the pandemic. Instead of going out with friends, or spending money on other hobbies, she chose to try her luck on Best Pokies. We can’t promote doing so if you’re in a tough situation yourself. But it is one way to spend the time, that can that bring rewards your way.

We can imagine what an amazing feeling it must be to win so much right when you needed it the most!

Expert Tips on Choosing the Right Games

Learning how to play pokies takes no time at all. The time-consuming part about playing is finding the best online casinos and most rewarding games. We’ve taken care of the former for you by doing our online casino Australia reviews.

We did all the hard stuff that requires specialized knowledge, so you can sit back, choose a casino, and enjoy.


The next thing you need to pay attention to is which games you’re choosing to play. Deciding whether to play classic video slots, progressives or any other of the thousands of choices there are can be difficult. So, here’s some vital advice that will make it easier.

If large jackpots are what you’re after (and aren’t we all?) then you must turn your attention to progressive jackpots games. Whenever you see huge wins like hope’s in the latest pokies news, we can almost guarantee the game was a progressive.

That’s because progressive games are linked across many different games and often websites. Therefore, the jackpot increases at a quick rate, paying out one lucky winner tens of thousands frequently. Our Aussie wins are only a fraction of the amount these games give out daily!

RTP Rates

Another thing you should look for on each game you play is the RTP rate. The return to player rate is the percentage of earnings the game pays out. Bet you didn’t know that the average RTP rate is 96%. However, some games can go up to over 97%. Look for those and you’ll have a better chance of winning. There’s a reason some games seem to make headlines much more often than others, and now you know why!

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