Best Pokies Games to Play –Pokies with The Best Wins!

Once you’ve found a great online casino, your next step is deciding between the multitude of pokie games to choose from. Making a profit while playing slots goes beyond learning how to play pokies. You also need to choose the best pokies games to play.

There’s a reason you tend to see the same titles mentioned in pokies news about big jackpot wins. That’s because some games have better payouts than others. Additionally, some types of games are better to play depending on your budget.

In this article we’ll go over the most common types of pokies, so you can decide what works best for you.

Best Pokies Games – Massive Jackpots

Not all jackpots are equal. There are some games that give out smaller wins and some that will reward lucky players with live changing wins. You may have heard the following terms come up in casinos or online. However, they don’t suggest which are the best pokies games to play. To determine that, have a look at the following.

Multi-Line Pokies

This kind of slot allows players to choose how many pay lines and the number of credits they want to play. The trick to qualifying for the main prize is by playing the maximum credits and pay lines so you can achieve every winning combination.

Before you start playing, have a look at the paytable to see all of the possibilities you can trigger. Then make your bets accordingly.

Straight Multiplayer

A straight multiplayer allows players to trigger any winning combo with just one credit. Any additional credits will increase the winning multiplier. Meaning that if you win with a one-coin wager, you will get three coins. In these games, it’s best to play the single credit wager, although some experts say betting the maximum is better.

Combination Slots

As the name suggests, combination slots combine one or more different popular features. Whether it’s a multiplier with buy-a-pay or multi-line progressive. If you need any clarification about the game you’re considering, always check the pay table before you start.

When playing combination slots, I suggest betting enough to trigger every possible payout.

Bonus Multipliers

These are similar to straight multiplier games, where you can trigger any combination with one credit. With bonus multipliers, any additional credits you bet will multiply your winnings and can also activate bonus payouts. However, I would suggest sticking to a single credit bet on these games.


Whenever you hear about someone winning a massive jackpot in one stroke of luck, chances are the game was a progressive. With progressives, every time someone makes a bet, a percentage of it contributes to the main prize. The jackpots always start at a pre-set amount and increase every time someone plays.

Then, when one lucky player hits the top prize, it goes back to the set amount to start increasing again. If you want to win a progressive, keep in mind that you need to be making the maximum bet in order to qualify.


As I mentioned earlier the first step to playing the best pokies games is to find the right online casino. Every casino game is only as good as the establishment you choose to patronize. Lucky for you Best Pokies took on the hard work of finding trustworthy online betting sites.

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