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Review of 2020 Casino Midas Offers

Casino Midas offers the chance to play some of the best pokies and more! Real Time Gaming powers Casino Midas, so you can be sure it’s among the highest quality casino gaming sites in existence. The site might still be relatively new, but that doesn’t mean much when you consider how much excitement the casino has to offer.

Aside from a fantastic selection of pokie games and other casino staples, they also have a generous welcome bonus. When you join the site as a member, don’t forget to claim your rewards upon making your first deposit. Players all over the world remain loyal members of Midas Casino because of the top-quality user experience.

We decided to do an online casino Australia review of the site for our Aussie readers to help you decide whether Midas Casino offers what you’re looking for.

How to Take Advantage of Casino Midas Offers?

To enjoy all that Casino Midas offers, you should join by taking a few minutes to create a member account. You’ll be required to input a few small details, including your name, date of birth, and a valid email address.

Once you’re a member, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide selection of games for fun. There’s no pressure to play for real money; you can learn how to play pokies on some of the best games in the world. Once you’re comfortable and want to try your luck to win the jackpot, you must make a deposit.

Casino Midas offers many different options for both deposits and withdrawals, including credit cards, bank cards, and more. We found that performing these simple tasks was quick and easy when compared to other some sites.

Highlights of the Site

We love the soothing black and gold aesthetic of the site. In addition to having a sleek and sophisticated design, everything is well-organized for a place that so chock full of fun. There are hundreds of games that you can play instantly or download to your computer.

Moreover, you can enjoy practically their whole selection, whether you’re using the desktop site or mobile app. The promotions also stay the same, so it’s only a matter of personal preference for how you decide to play. It’s no wonder that in recent pokies news, Casino Midas is surpassing many older casinos for user satisfaction!

Win Money Online– Australian Senior Wins an Impressive $18,468 Jackpot!

Massive jackpot wins are what we live for, particularly when it comes to our readership! We’re so happy to see in recent pokies news that a lucky lady in Perth was the biggest winner of the week (that we know of). Athena H. is an 81-year-old pokie games fan, who has been playing for over 20 years!

It’s easy to understand why she’s been playing so long; Athena has won numerous times over the years. However, she never imagined she would win money online, and this also one of her biggest pokie wins ever. We’re so happy that Athena has found a way to indulge in her favourite past time without leaving her home.

The current times are hard, especially for those that are alone. And recently widowed Athena was having a tough time staying positive without being able to see family and friends. But this $18,468 win is bound to brighten up her days.

Athena says that with her winnings, she’s going to spoil her grandkids with gifts, lucky them!

What Athena Did to Win Money Online

Athena says she does her best to find the pokies that have a somewhat large jackpot but avoids the million-dollar ones. She sees those as being more like winning the lottery. Instead, she chooses average size pots and checks winner boards often.

Sometimes she’ll go with games that are “running hot” but not paying out huge amounts. But other times she’ll try to find games that haven’t paid out in a while. Aside from that, she bets the maximum most of the time.

She adds that she also doesn’t stay on the same machine for too long if she’s not winning anything. Athena admits that part of the fun for her is finding the right game to play. So, she spends a considerable amount of time browsing and checking boards before putting money on a game.

All of which seems like a smart way of playing if you ask me. We’re so glad when people understand that there is no such thing as a machine that pays out just because the same player has been on it for a while.

We didn’t ask Athena for all of her secrets, but we’re sure she has a few little tricks that helped her win. For some players, it’s just a gut feeling they have when it’s a lucky day.

Tips From Us

Some people seem to have luck on their side, that causes them to win money online multiple times. We’re talking huge wins like the one above. And they must be doing something right. We’re not naturally superstitious, so we’ll go with the idea that they are choosing the right game in the right casinos.

But what is the right online casino? Well, for starters, you can read our online casino Australia review page for our recommendations. Joining a reputable online casino is vital if you want to win money online. This means finding a trustworthy casino that offers you the option to learn how to play pokies before expecting you to deposit money.

Finding a site that has all of the best pokies can be tricky, but we did the hard work for you!

Aussie Scores $33,367 Online Betting Win!

Aussies have been taking home significant online betting win after win in recent pokies news, and we couldn’t be happier, especially when players use our recommendations to get there! The biggest pokie wins happen on the most trustworthy sites, and there are no exceptions to that.

Just this week, a fortunate Aussie player from Perth, Giles Walter, hit a $33,367 jackpot! Giles is a 75-year old retired security guard. And this is a life-changing win for him. After playing pokies for fun for many years, this is Gile’s biggest win yet.

Back in 2014, he also took home over $16,000 from a trip to Vegas, talk about good luck!

How This Amazing Online Betting Win Occurred

You may have heard of a little online casino niche called progressive pokie games. In fact, we’re willing to bet that if you’ve ever partaken in casino games, you’ve probably played a progressive jackpot game before. Progressive jackpots are the games you find with attractive, sometimes million-dollar jackpots. What’s more, you can try your luck on for just a few dollars.

These progressive jackpots are linked games that a certain amount of each bet goes toward the pot. When a lucky player like Giles wins, then it goes back down to a minimum amount. Then it begins to build up to impressive numbers again by players betting.

Sometimes in casinos, there will even be significant prizes attached to the jackpot, like a car or luxury cruise. Players love progressives and seek them out on purpose because they love the thrill of being able to win such big prizes. Of course, many players also believe in the motto “go big or go home.” We have to say when it comes to pokies, we agree.

When it comes to getting a big online betting win, progressives are the best pokies to go with. That is if you don’t have an advanced skill in games like poker or roulette, which we would recommend first.

What Would You Do with An Extra $30,000?

The great thing about playing online is that you can learn how to play pokies without any effort or even money. That’s right, just because you choose to visit an online casino doesn’t mean you need to spend your cash. Most of them offer you the chance to try games out just for fun, so you can see if it’s for you.

We like this policy because it gives you a chance to find the right games that you enjoy. We’ve taken the trouble of providing you with an online casino Australia review page to find your source. Choosing the right casino is everything when it comes to trying your luck at huge jackpots.

For one thing, a trustworthy source will be sure to honour every win and payout in a fast and seamless manner. You should also look for the best selection of games, so you have more choices and more jackpots.

Lastly, take advantage of the fantastic promotions that these online casinos offer, they’ll give you more chances to hit your online betting win. We’re sure Giles never passes up on a good deal.

Review of Tangiers Casino Online

 Tangiers is a taste of the exotica, a stunning destination that we would all love to meet. The Tangiers casino online encompasses the mood of exploration, mystery, and excitement that the city evokes. It’s the ultimate “film noir” site for the cool and stylish players.

It may seem like a high roller’s paradise, but Tangiers casino has something for everyone. You don’t need to have a large bankroll, to have a good time and win money. Pokie games are perfect for players that want a shot at millions without spending more than a few dollars. And Tangier’s casino online gives you many to choose from.

Tangiers Casino Online – Reputation Rating

We rated Tangiers casino online high for trustworthiness because they have an excellent reputation with users. They are licensed, regulated, and show dedication to providing a fair environment for all players. Also, the website uses SSL security software so you can feel safe to give the financial details they require to play for real money.

With so many banking options, it’s easy to see why users continually report such high levels of satisfaction with the service.

At Best pokies, we concern ourselves with bringing you the latest pokies news as well as an online casino Australia review of every top site. If you’ve been browsing for online casinos, then Tangiers couldn’t have escaped your notice for long.

A Fabulous Game Selection

Aesthetics and style aside, by far, the best thing about Tangiers casino is the game choices. The site is a host for hundreds of the best games that exist. You’ll find games from all the top game developers in the world. For example, Pragmatic, BetSoft, Microgaming, and many more! If you want to give the games a try or learn how to play pokies, this is the ultimate destination.

Moreover, if you are really missing the real-life casino feeling, the live casino section might be perfect for you. Glamorous real-people dealers are standing by to interact and play with you via live-streaming.

Our final takeaway is that Tangiers is perfect for both beginners and long-time players. The promotions alone show promise that every type of user will feel special.

Looking for Exciting Pokies Open Now? We Have the Perfect Solution!

Do you find yourself on the hunt for exciting pokies open now? You’re in the right place! We may not have our usual options for indulging in our favourite casino games, but we can always play online pokies in Australia. We’ve taken the time to curate lists of the best pokies and where to play them!

Just because most of us are still in isolation, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have some fun and possibly win some cash. In these pressing times, a jackpot win would be a gift from the heavens for most of us. Even if pokie games aren’t really your thing, once you find a great casino to play them, it will lead to all the best card and table games too.

Here are just a few of the other great games you can expect from online casinos:

  • Baccarat
  • Poker
  • Craps
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Keno
  • Bingo
  • Sports Betting (not all but many sites provide this as well)

Exciting Pokies Open Now – Where to Play

Our online casino Australia review site is dedicated to finding the best online casinos for our readers. We’re your ultimate destination for pokies news since that’s Australia’s favourite game! It might shock you how many people play them online. In fact, even your neighbours might be indulging in a game or two as we speak!

However, when we consider how many options there are online, that task of choosing a site might seem daunting. Don’t let that discourage you; we’ve already taken care of finding the sites. That means we’ve investigated the casino’s background, licensing, reputation, trustworthiness, promotions, selection, and more.

We take our job very seriously because the last thing we want to do is lead our readers to the wrong platform. What’s more, when it comes to finding the most exciting pokies open now, we’re experts. Not to exaggerate, but we’re so good at finding you the best promotions, we might as well have antennae on top of our heads leading us to them.

It Only Takes a Second to Sign Up

As long as you’re the legal gambling age, and have a valid email address, you can start playing today. Much like entering a land-based casino, you will have to confirm your age and provide a few additional details.

Once you’ve created your account, the next step is learning how to play pokies (if you don’t already know). Don’t worry, you don’t need to start making real money bets right away. Look around, see what you like, try out a few games in free play mode, you won’t win the jackpot this way, but at least you’ll get the hang of playing online.

We also recommend finding your way to the promotions page and see if there are any no-deposit bonuses. Then, when you’re comfortable, make a deposit to your account to start playing exciting pokies open now for real cash.

Seems pretty straightforward, right? So, don’t wait too long, some of the casinos you see here have special offers that may not last!

Spin Samba Online Casino

We must say that without a doubt, Spin Samba online casino is the most memorable of them all! Who could forget the adorable parrot that welcomes you to the party? There are many positive things to say about this unique website, but the most important thing is what casinos are all about, fun!

Just because you’re stuck at home now doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be having fun. For instance, whether it’s baking or learning how to play pokies, make the most of your time. If you do decide to give pokie games or other casino gems a try, we created our online casino Australia review page to guide you.

Is Spin Samba Online Casino Safe?

Don’t worry; Spin Samba is not like that “fun” friend who always drinks too much at parties that you need to take home. The Spin Samba online casino is licensed and regulated and holds all of the credentials that make it a secure and safe place to play real money games.

We wouldn’t dare recommend a site on Best Pokies site or pokies news that wasn’t trustworthy and responsible.

Games, Games, Games

Spin Samba online casino has loads of all the best games; it’s hard to tear yourself away once you start exploring. Take your pick from tons of pokies, cards, and all the popular table games. In addition, all games come in many different variations as well.

We were blown away with how organized all the games on the site are. You can find games based on your criteria. Whether you’re looking for progressive games, video slots, or just want to play the most popular games, you can do so easily.

We love Spin Samba casino’s fun take on the casino experience, and how they don’t overcomplicate things. New players will love how un-intimidating the site is and how simple it is to create an account.

As a new Spin Samba member, you get 100% cashback on your first deposit AND 40 free spins! And you can enjoy this offer on the next four subsequent deposits. However, if you’re not ready to play for real cash just yet, feel free to give the games a try for free to see how it works.

How to Win Pokies Online – Advice from Past Winners!

Some people seem to have incredible luck with winning money at casino games. For example, pokie games, which are based entirely on chance, seem to give significant wins to a select few. If you’re wondering how you can make some of that magic come your way, here it is. We have advice straight from past winners on how to win pokies online!

There may not be a “secret formula” to get you in the pokies news as the next jackpot winner. However, there are best practices for how to play pokies that will maximize your chances of winning. Think of it this way, there is no sure-fire way to win, but many players make mistakes that hinder their chances to win.

The Best Advice from Experts on How to Win Pokies Online

There is some constructive advice from past winners and those that have worked in the casino industry. The most important aspects of your online gaming should be managing your money and playing responsibly.

In addition, you should also be selective about which casinos you choose to join. It’s not everything to know how to play pokies; you also must choose the right games on secure, fair, and trustworthy websites. Luckily, we can help with that, our online casino Australia review page offers recommendations for the top online casinos and best pokies in the world.

If you want to know how to win pokies online, take our advice that the casino you choose matters.

What Do Past Winners Have to Say?

Here’s what previous jackpot winners had to say about how they did it and what practices they put into place regularly.

“They might seem like the perfect stress reliever, but I never play when I’m not in a good mood. I am a strong believer in energy and the law of attraction. You should only play when you’re feeling great about the game and don’t have a million other things on your mind.” – Tyler G. Brisbane

“Don’t play unless you understand the game perfectly. I spent a lot of time learning how to win pokies online, and I did it by choosing games that have a high return to player rates and good track records. Then, I played them in free play mode to get used to it. Only when I completely knew how the features and bonuses work, did I put money on the game.” – Elliot Carney, Sydney.

“I used to play in land-based casino only, and I thought everything online had to be some sort of trick. However, it was online that I won a major jackpot that changed my life. Prior to that, I did research and found that online casinos offer higher RTP rates than land based. Then I experienced this for myself!” – Stacey Collie. (location unknown)

“Never play when you’re drunk, I learned that the hard way. In those days, I was playing mostly roulette and baccarat in casinos, and I was making all the wrong bets. So, I switched to the “safer” slot games. Still, I found the money goes faster, and I had nothing to show for it when I was drinking. Having a clear head is key to successful pokie wins.” – Mark Ewing, Brisbane.

Aristocrat Pokies Games – As Aussie As It Gets!

Perhaps the Australian love of pokies stems from the fact that one of the most prominent players in game development is Aussie! Aristocrat pokies games are in just about every online and land-based casino in existence. And the company shows no signs of slowing down. Therefore, we can count on Aristocrat to produce some of the most successful games year after year.

With over 60 years in business, creating some of the most popular and high-quality pokies, it’s safe to say Aristocrat is a world leader in gaming. And since we are always on the lookout for the best pokies online, we feature Aristocrat pokies games very often.

A Little History About Aristocrat Pokies Games

Aristocrat, also known as Aristocrat Leisure Limited, has been based in Sydney since its founding in 1953. Due to its expansion into the global market of gaming development, Aristocrat is now among the most trusted and well-known developers in the world.

You can play Aristocrat pokies games in hundreds of countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the US. The company also has offices in Russia, South Africa, and the US.

Fun Facts:

  • The first game produced by Aristocrat was called “Clubmaster” which made its mark as the very first scattered payouts and multiple pay line game.
  • In the 1960s, Aristocrat reached the European market with games that became a big hit.
  • Additionally, Aristocrat also produced the first five-reel video pokies, with a game called “Wild West” in 1979
  • In the 1980s, virtual reels became popular, and Aristocrat was right there to produce massively popular games.
Aristocrat Pokies Games

Why We Love Aristocrat Pokies So Much

Aristocrat has said it many times, “we love to create games.” Therefore, through their love of game development, their passion works magic. We have many of the top pokie games in the world, thanks to Aristocrat. Most importantly, we appreciate this remarkable computer because they love to create games that people love to play.

Time and time again, in pokies news and online casino Australia review sites, Aristocrat comes up. Their commitment to quality and the uniqueness of their games is always ahead of the curve. As times change and new generations players with new tastes emerge, Aristocrat is always there to meet the demands.

The success of Aristocrat pokies continues as they expand into different countries around the globe. Even players who are just now learning how to play pokies have likely tried an Aristocrat game or two.

They are responsible for some of the most well-known titles, like “Disclaimer,” “Queen of the Nile,” and more. It makes perfect sense that Aristocrat holds its own among giants like Microgaming, Net Entertainment, and other top creators.

Staying on top of current trends gives them the chance to match their games to consumer interests. For example, when “Vikings” became a hit tv show with millions of followers, they created a game to match. And the same goes for “Game of Thrones” and countless others.

We look forward to seeing what else Aristocrat has up its sleeve in the coming years!

Online Dingo Casino Wants You to Treat Yourself!

The online Dingo Casino may have launched in 2018, but it is as impressive as they come. At first glance, the site appears very simple, but that’s what experienced players have come to appreciate. Amid all of the flash and pizzazz in the online casino world, it’s refreshing to find a simple design.

However, one thing that the new online Dingo Casino doesn’t skimp on is their game selection. You’ll find tons of the best pokies, card games, and table game staples in just about every variation. The site also offers live casino versions of your favorite games.

Live casino gives you the chance to experience games in real-time, streaming from either a studio or an exotic location around the world. Gorgeous real people dealers are waiting for you to join their table, and they’ll chat with you just as they do in a land-based casino. The only difference is that since you remain hidden, all the chatting is done via text.

Overview of The Online Dingo Casino

Topia Solutions N.V owns dingo Casino, and they hold a license from the Curacao Gaming Authority. The site uses 128-bit SSL encryption software to ensure the security of your information. Therefore, you can feel safe providing the details needed to make a deposit and play real money games.

The site also shows dedication to providing a trustworthy platform by using Random Number Generators to keep all results random. These receive auditing from a third-party agency. In addition, the online Dingo Casino also provides many resources and features to keep your gaming responsible. Implementing limits and other devices can help you to become a more responsible player.

The Games

Now that we’ve gone over the technical stuff, let’s move on to the fun. Our online casino Australia review site always puts your security first. But after that, we think about what you have to gain from joining the site. So, we look at their bonus system, with Dingo Casino you can expect the standard 100% cashback on your first few deposits.

You can also expect an excellent member loyalty club that rewards you every time you play. And once you become a VIP, you access many more special perks.

The games at the online Dingo Casino are exceptional. And since Aussies love pokie games so much, you will find tons of choices. Also, only the top game developers provide the games on the site, so they are of the highest quality. New players can even learn how to play pokies without risking their cash by playing in free mode.

We expect to see a lot more about Dingo Casino in coming pokies news of top winners!

Features the Best Pokies App Should Have

Online casinos are dominating the industry, and mobile apps are growing in popularity over desktop sites as well. As the generation shifts, and we welcome a new wave of casino users, we also see more and more apps. Australians love pokies, so in this article, we’ll focus on what the best pokies app should have.

If you wish to play mobile casino games, you might find yourself spoiled with choices. We’ll admit it can be overwhelming at times how many options you have. However, we use our expert knowledge and experience to provide the ultimate online casino Australia review site.

We’ll give you advice on what the best pokies to play are, how to play pokies and, of course, pokies news. We’re always thrilled to hear about significant pokie wins, and we’re sure you are too. Here we’ve completed the arduous task of finding you the best pokies app from some of the world’s leading casino brands.

How We Find the Best Pokies App

We base our recommendations on testing the app as well as researching the casino’s background. We look at user satisfaction, promotions, selection, trustworthiness, licensing, app and site security, and more. In the end, we determine which apps are worth playing. And to avoid confusion, we don’t include the apps we would avoid.

Once we’re finished our extensive review process, you can rest assured that it’s safe to input your details to the app to create an account. The apps you see on this page met our standards. They are secure, trustworthy, and have all the best online pokies real money games.

You can download any of these apps without worrying that your financial or personal details are at risk. Everything after that comes secondary, but we still put a lot of effort into testing. For instance, you’ll also find the best pokie games and other casino staples, generous promotions, and excellent customer support.

Other Considerations

As someone new or even someone with mild experience with online gaming, you may not know what to look for in the best pokies app. So, we wanted to help you find the best overall gaming experience. This means we took into account how easy the app is to use, whether it’s a free or paid download, its design, and navigation.

We love apps that provide many payment options for making a deposit, fast withdrawal, and straightforward account management. It’s also a bonus when the site gives you options to play for real money or just for fun. While we wouldn’t personally sit and play casino games without the chance for real money, it’s always nice to have the choice.

Most of the same requirements of a top-notch online casino transfer to the best pokies app as well. You want to look for policies that work for you, instead of prey on you, money management tools, and controls to help you manage your spending. These all display goodwill on the part of the casino and the app should be no different.

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