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Need Cash Fast? Aussie Man Hits $49,390 Jackpot!

Winning a humungous jackpot is a dream come true for any type of pokie games players. And this has happened for our very own Aussie players many times. In recent pokies news, a 52-year-old Aussie man struck gold playing a popular progressive and won a $49,390 prize! What a dream for many of us that need cash fast!

In one impressive stroke of good luck, Vinnie Simons couldn’t believe his eyes when he hit the bonus round, and then this major jackpot win. It’s not something that happens more than once for most people.

Imagine making roughly a yearly salary in just a few minutes, that’s exactly what Vinnie did, and we couldn’t be happier for him. Moreover, we are extremely pleased that he is an avid reader of our online casino Australia reviews and regularly uses tips and tricks he learned at Best Pokies.

This Is One Way to Go When You Need Cash Fast

Many different ideas come to mind when someone says they need cash fast; we can’t say that the biggest pokie wins are one of them. In fact, playing casino games isn’t something even remotely on our radar for someone in serious need of cash or having financial difficulties.

However, in Vinnie’s case and most other players when you’re in a secure enough position to give online betting a try, you’d be crazy not to. You might know a thing or two about how land-based casinos operate. However, one thing most people don’t realize is how much more lucrative online casinos are than their offline counterparts.

Firstly, just by signing up for an online casino, you’ll get a bonus almost instantly. These welcome rewards you see that promise 100% or 200% cash match bonuses means they’ll double or triple your cash. Therefore, if pokies at your favorite local casino was already a hobby of yours, then there’s no reason not to try playing online.

The second reason we love online casinos is that you can choose from so many different options. Never do you need to reach above your budget for a game of roulette or poker. With so many choices online, you can partake in real money betting and stay within your financial limitations. There’s also no one else involved except you and your game, so showing off for others is not even possible.

Our Advice

We mentioned already that the way to go if you need cash fast is not always straight to an online casino. However, if you have a little put aside for fun, this is the best chance you have to turn it into a lot more. Don’t jump right in without trying first. The casinos that we rate highly give you the chance to play for free before you’re comfortable betting real money.

Use this opportunity to learn how to play pokies if you need to. See which games you like first and study the winner’s board for clues on what will pay out next. Play smart for an even greater chance of hitting the jackpot.

“Make Fast Cash Online” Leads to Massive Aussie Jackpot of Over $52,000

Imagine searching for ways to make fast cash online and end up winning over $52,000 after taxes! That’s exactly what happened to a 20-year-old Aussie student last week. We love hearing about these incredible pokie wins, as do our readers and this is our most unusual win by far.

This exciting win came at just the right time for Alec H. From Melbourne. The struggling student is out of work and looking for a way make some cash from home.

How A Simple Search to Make Fast Cash Online Changed His Life

Alec had been home from both work and school for several months. And with no steady income, he was doing freelance work online to make a little money. Then when things slowed down with that as well, he decided to search for additional ways to make fast cash online.

That’s when he came across a pokie games website and decided to try his luck. Like most people, he was attracted by a no deposit bonus which means you get x amount of money to try the games out before making a deposit.

It seemed like a great deal, so he took it and started learning how to play pokies online. After hitting a few smaller wins and coming out on top, Alec decided it was time to make a deposit and see what happens. According to him, he lost money during the first week or so of playing, but it didn’t stop him.

But he kept at it and won this a $52, 034 jackpot on a Lightning pokies round. Incredible! Who would think they could win so much after playing for such a short time? but that’s how luck works. You never know when your lucky day will come up!

Should You Give It A Try?

At Best Pokies, we don’t believe in playing online casino games with the expectation that you’ll end up with huge pokie wins. Our suggestion is to play only what you can afford, if you win you win, if you lose that’s the luck of the draw.

If you want to give it a try for yourself, here are a few other recommendations we have:

  • Only play on legitimate and reputable online casinos. Winning money doesn’t mean anything unless the website will pay out properly. And the only way to be sure of that is by playing at a casino that has a strong reputation.

If you read our online casino Australia reviews, you’ll find our top-rated websites.

  • For the biggest wins, you’ll want to play progressive pokies more often than the standard ones. These games make up a system of several different games that all contribute quickly to the same jackpot. Therefore, there is more potential there to win massive prizes.

We would never suggest that someone who wants to make fast cash online, jump straight to casino games. Keep it about fun, relaxation and simply indulging in an activity that you love, and who knows, maybe one day you will be a lucky winner.

Earn Extra Money Online Betting? One Aussie Won Over 47,000 This Year!

Before I start telling you about the way this incredible 27-year-old Aussie player manages to Earn extra money online. I want to say that It’s not a viable option for everyone, there are no guaranteed wins at online casinos. This is something a few people have as a hobby that turns lucrative for them and most of the games they win and consistently do require honing certain skills.

A Brisbane man who goes by the name of Todd B. collected a $27,096 jackpot this week to add to his cumulative winnings so far in 2020. The experienced poker player uses his skills to earn a pretty decent income for himself playing online.

He sticks to poker for the most part and joins various tournaments in hopes to make a career out of it. Once in a while, he’ll play pokies games as well. That’s how he managed to hit this huge jackpot, one of the biggest pokie wins of the week.

How Todd Manages to Earn Extra Money Online By Betting

Many players use their skills in pokier to earn extra money online. As our resident poker expert, I have a few pieces of advice. The simple answer is that you can indeed earn money playing poker since it’s a game of skill no different from any sport.

In fact, when you put the numbers side by side between poker and any major league sport, poker is actually more lucrative by a large margin. Poker is a game where you compete with other individuals. Therefore, if you have talent, you can use it to full advantage by play online. Just as you would in any other land-based tournament or casino.

But don’t come into it thinking that it’s going to be easy. It takes years to get to the level of a career poker player. And for some, no matter how much they practice they still won’t earn enough. Our advice is to keep it as a hobby but be smart when playing for real money.

Learning how to play poker is nothing like learning how to play pokies or other online casino games. You’ll have to study poker strategy and practice as much as possible. These are things that most people could never dedicate enough time toward.

In Conclusion

Winning pokies happens for lucky players every day, and it is possible to earn extra money online playing games of skill like poker. However, your best chance for getting to that level is by being smart about both where and how you choose to play.

What we do at Best Pokies is to help you in that regard. Our online casino Australia reviews has been leading players in the right direction for years. We also provide helpful pokies news, because we understand that sometimes that’s all the time our readers have.

Playing games of skill and games for fun are two separate things and should be treated as such. Lucky are those who can blend their passions and win money!

How to Win Pokies Jackpots – Three Tips to Increase Your Odds of Winning

Pokies go hand in hand with every online casino and of course, land-based establishment. They were the first “casino” type game every invented, back when playing cards was still something only private groups did. The idea of how to win pokies jackpots continues to elude many people around the world. A lot of people are looking for ways to trick machines and come out on top.

We won’t pretend to have the answer for a trick that works, however, we can offer some damn good advice to new and even experienced players.

Since the online boom of pokie games around every corner, the games continue to get more and more advanced. For example, the pokies of the past weren’t even close to having the special features and bonus rounds these modern games do. However, with theses progresses comes more enjoyment and chances to win.

Here are our top three tips for giving yourself the highest odds of winning.

How to Win Pokies Jackpots – Play Higher Denominations

With every card and table game, the more you bet, the greater your potential wins are. And the same holds true for pokies. One prerequisite for how to win pokies jackpots is betting higher denominations. Meaning, higher denomination spins have greater payouts than lower ones.

For instance, if you find yourself with the option to make either two $1 bets or just one $2 bet, got with the $2 bet. If you’re thinking solely of how to win pokies jackpots, this is the way to go. However, if you want to stretch your playing time a little, then play lower denominations. Just don’t expect the same rewards.

Make the Maximum Bet on Progressives

You’ll recognize progressive jackpots as being the ones that attract players with massive payouts, sometimes reaching millions. In fact, they are some of the best pokies you can play, because they have incredible winning potential.

However, what many players don’t know is that in order to have a chance at winning the jackpot, you must bet the maximum. Betting the minimum on these types of games might make you feel like you’re getting more chances when you’re not.

Try Games for Free First

Most of the leading casinos, IE: the ones that we recommend after our in-depth online casino Australia reviews and pokie news, give you the chance to try for free. No, I don’t mean that you can win actual money without making a deposit. What I mean is that you can play solely for fun.

You might be wondering what the point is. Well, the point of playing in demo mode is that you get the chance to learn how to play pokies if you don’t already know. And it also allows you to see which games you like. Keep in mind, the games in demo mode behave exactly the same as when you’re playing for money, so you’ll get a great indication of how the game works.

Casino Midas Pokies Review

One of the best themed online casinos we’ve seen so far is Casino Midas. It makes sense that a casino that offers the chance to win huge jackpots would be named after a king that could turn anything he touches to gold. Casino Midas pokies are one of the top platforms for Aussie players, so we’re always excited when reviewing their updates and new offers.

Casino Midas manages the task being an exciting, relaxing, and fun platform all at once. Furthermore, the selection of games lacks nothing that any great brick and mortar casino could have. In addition to hundreds of pokie games, you can also play any card or table games you want.

Some of us choose to play on betting sites because it’s a great way to unwind and can be very fun. However, it’s safe to say that the vast majority of players have secret aspirations of hitting a huge jackpot. Even those that barely know how to play pokies have this dream upon entering a casino.

Casino Midas Pokies– Website Highlights

As far as design and user-interface go, it can’t get much better than Casino Midas. Moreover, Casino Midas pokies give you an excellent variety of choices. For instance, you’ll have access to just about every game created by Real Time Gaming. If you don’t know about RTG, they are one of the most respected names in software game development.

Best Pokies has done an online casino Australia review of Casino Midas offers in the past. However, the selection of games here is enough to keep us entertained for years. If a ton of three- and five-reel slots sound appealing to you, then now’s your chance to start playing.


Aside from their selection that keeps them in the pokies news, Midas Casino has other standard games. Card and table games come in many variations, even though the main focus is slots.

Altogether, we find this casino to be an excellent platform for new and experienced bettors. There’s enough to keep members interested long-term, especially when you consider all of the incentives and special offers.

Dingo Casino Current Offers Review

If you’re feeling blasé about your usual online casino hotspots, there’s a new(ish) brand in town. Dingo Casino is one of the latest online betting sites that is stealing user’s attention. In just a few short years, the casino has built up a respectable reputation for its Dingo Casino current offers. This includes many gaming adventures that will captivate, excite, and reward players.

In this online casino Australia review, we’ll be zeroing in on the Dingo Casino current offers. So, we’ll let users know our expert opinion on the site, promotions, and we’ll re-visit the game selection as well.

Dingo Casino Current Offers- Welcome Bonus

If you decide you’ve seen enough and feel inspired to join the website, you’ll get a warm welcome with a generous gift. On your first four deposits, the casino will double your cash! There is a minimum deposit of $20 and a maximum of $1,000. Meaning, if you deposit $100, you’ll get another $100 for a total of $200. Dingo Casino current offers are by far some of the best deals we’ve seen so far. Furthermore, you don’t need a bonus code to claim this deal; it will automatically go to your account once you make a deposit.

To take advantage of this, visit the website and click on the sign-up now button. For a somewhat new online casino, we have to say that Dingo Casino is doing a great job attracting and keeping members engaged.

Additionally, there are other promotions include online tournaments, reload bonuses, cashback offers, and other frequently updated incentives. We would advise you to stay connected to their pokies news and offers by email.

What About the Games?

Indeed, you are probably here because you want a large variety of pokie games. Or perhaps you’ve never given them a try and think now is the time to learn how to play pokies. Whatever the case may be, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Dingo Casino.

The website boasts a multitude of the best pokies and other casino games, all categorized for your convenience. And you don’t need to take extra steps or download anything, all games available as instant play. Furthermore, in terms of pokies, you don’t even need to play for cash, you can try them out for free first.

Pokies Open Now Near You!

Are you looking for pokies open now near you? We have just the thing that will solve your predicament. You might not find casinos open yet, or if you do space is limited and perhaps new regulations just don’t appeal to you. There’s also the factor that all us probably feel like we want to continue avoiding public spaces for a while.

Whatever the case, there’s no reason you should give up your pokie games and other forms of online betting that you’ve come to love. Social distancing shouldn’t mean you can have fun and the possibility to win some cash. For some, now more than ever a huge jackpot win would come in handy.

Here’s what you’ll find at all of the casinos that Best Pokies recommends:

  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Blackjack
  • Bingo
  • Keno
  • Sports Betting on many of the same websites

Pokies Open Now Near You – The Best of The Best

What we aim to accomplish with our online casino Australia reviews is finding the cream of the crop, the absolute best online casinos out there. Furthermore, since Australians love pokies, we aim to provide pokies news and keep you informed about everything else happening in online casinos. If you’re looking for pokies open now near you, you’re in luck!

You might be somewhat surprised how many of your friends and family are already playing casino games online. What we do is determine which of the leading online casinos are worth their weight and which ones to avoid.

Our experts weigh all of the important factors before recommending a website to our valuable readers. For instance, they look at the casino’s background, licensing, reputation, trustworthiness, promotions, selection, and more.

We don’t mess around with any of the above because the last thing we want to do is lead our readers to the wrong website. Moreover, when it comes to finding the best online pokies in Australia, we’re pros. Not to brag, but we’re so good at finding you the best promotions, it’s almost like we have a sixth sense for them.

How to Start Enjoying All the Advantages of Playing at Home

Given that you’re old enough to gamble in Australia, and you have an email address, you can start playing within the next few minutes! If you don’t know how to play pokies online, don’t worry money is not a requirement. All of the websites you see here give you the chance to try in free mode first.

After you open an account, we recommend making your way to the promotions page to see what’s in store. In most cases, you ’ll be able to double or even triple your deposit amount. For example, if you deposit $100, the casino will match your deposit for a whopping $200 starting cash. Of course, there are wagering requirements, etc. before you can cash out. This is the standard everywhere.

However, these bonuses enhance your experience and give you more betting power. To start playing have a look at these pokies open now near you!

Can We Depend on Pokies4u Shortlists? – The Truth About Websites Like This

A lot of websites exist that provide reviews and insight at the online casino industry and casinos. For some that means they are getting paid to promotes certain websites. And others give you an honest and in-depth look. When it comes to Pokies4u shortlists, since they are one of the popular websites, many users pose the question if they can depend on the reviews, to be honest.

One simple way to answer your question is to go on some of the recommendations on Pokies4u shortlists and see for yourself. If you find high-quality online casinos that have high user satisfaction rates in other platforms, you’ll know the reviews are honest.

At Best Pokies, we ensure we’re only recommending trustworthy and legitimate websites for our online casino Australia reviews and pokies news. It takes a lot of time to do a complete check, join, and test sites. However, the result is always worth it. We’re also players ourselves, so we only recommend places that we enjoy and would return to.

Pokies4u Shortlists and User Satisfaction

This is something that users that personally keep up with the Pokies4u shortlists would know for sure. For example, if you submit feedback on a website as a user and they take it into consideration for Pokies4u shortlists, it’s a clear sign that they are paying attention to what users are saying.

What we do is help our players learn how to play pokies to win. This means choosing the most rewarding pokie games to play first. Therefore, instead of just telling you where to find the best online pokies for real money are. We’ll show you how to spot them for yourself.

Firstly, it’s not always possible to list the best games when it comes to winning money. That’s because this dynamic is always changing. a game could be running hot one moment, then stop paying out for the rest of the day. Therefore, our overall suggestion is just to pick a casino that you trust. And keep an eye out on the winner’s board for clues.

What We Do Best

Best Pokies is always on the lookout for the most rewarding promotional bonuses and value for your money. We’ll find the sites that will give you more on your first deposits than others.

It’s important to choose carefully who rely on for recommendations of how and where to play real money casino games. We put your security and safety first. Therefore, the first things we analyze on every online casino we review are:

  • Do they have a license, and If so, from where?
  • Does their site use encryption software to keep your information safe?
  • Do they use Random Number Generators to give you a fair chance at winning?
  • Do they have convenient and numerous payment options?

All of the above are necessary considerations to take when deciding where to play. However, we don’t think you should have to do all that work. And since we’re the professionals, we did it for you!

You can go ahead a choose one of the online casinos you see here and count on all of the above to be true!

Your 2020 Guide to The Best Roulette Online

Are you looking for the best roulette online but have no idea how to sport a trustworthy and safe online casino? There are, indeed, too many choices of betting sites online, that’s why Best Pokies does online casinos Australia reviews. We want to bring the best in casino entertainment for our Aussie readers.

Our list of the recommended site gives you a lot of incredible games of online roulette, pokie games, and much more. These are the casino that delivers on their promises to give you a fair and exciting game time. Additionally, they give you bonuses and incentives that keep you flush with playing cash so you can keep playing your favorite games.

All of our favorite casinos let you play roulette instantly, and some have apps and downloadable software. Whatever is convenient for you, you’ll find choices to match. We suggest the instant play games if you’re new to this because it’ll give you a chance to shop around and check out different variants of the game.

How We Bring You the Best Roulette Online

We recommend only websites that have our full confidence after in-depth testing. Our team is made up of experts who are players themselves, so they know all of the aspects that make up a top-quality online casino. Among the many things we consider, you’ll find policies, banking options, site security, software, games selection, and more. If you want to find the best roulette online, follow our advice.

You can expect all of the following from our shortlists for the best roulette online.

Safe and Secure Online Betting Platforms

Playing roulette online for money means you’ll need to provide payment details at some point. Therefore, it’s important to choose a trustworthy casino that has a secure website. Choosing from one of our recommended sites means your information will be safe and secure.

The Most Generous Incentives

There’s a lot of competition among online casinos. So we made it a priority to find you the most generous welcome rewards. Our top-rated online casinos all offer the best promotions available currently. Therefore, you can enjoy the best roulette online, and get extra playing cash for joining.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile casinos give you the same selection of games and rewards as desktop sites. The only difference is that you can play from anywhere and take your games on the go with you. We find this to be so convenient once trying it, that we couldn’t go back to desktop-only websites. That’s why you’ll find that most of our top-rated sites have mobile optimization.

Different Playing Options

Some users don’t even know how to play pokies online yet but are eager to learn without losing their money. We find casinos that offer their games in free mode to be the best way to learn. Especially when you don’t need to sign up first to try the games out.


We are at the forefront of the latest pokies news and casinos. As soon as we hear of a new online casino in Australia, we make it our business to find out as much as we can! This is how we give you access to all of the best roulette online.

Poker Tips for Beginners – Tips to Help You Start Off on The Right Foot

There’s a lot of great advice out there for becoming a great poker player. However, at this early stage of beginning to play poker, certain pieces of advice will apply and some you don’t need to bother with just yet. Here are the Best Pokies expert’s top poker tips for beginners, these will guide you on how to get started and choosing the right games for new players.

Learning how to play poker online is not the same as how to play pokies or other table games. With poker, a considerable part of it is about skills rather than luck. However, both play a hand in whether you gain a profit or not. You’ll save a lot of money and time by taking a few minutes to read this short article before you start playing poker online.

Poker Tips for Beginners – Learn the Rules and Hands

The natural first step for anyone who wants to learn poker is to first learn the rules and hands. However, many players don’t pay enough mind to this and jump right into real money poker without learning first. And what ends up happening is they lose their money quickly and ruin the idea of getting into poker for themselves. Therefore, the most important poker tips for beginners is to learn all of the rules and hand values before playing.

Be Selective About Which Hands You Play

A lot of beginners learning how to play poker make the common mistake of playing too many low-quality hands. The key when you’re starting out is to choose only your strongest hands to play. You will end up participating less than you expect, but when you do decide to jump into the action, you can be more aggressive.

This method is much more effective than playing every single hand but without commitment.

Learn with Low Stakes Tables

Don’t make the mistake of learning how to play poker by losing your money on high stakes or even medium stakes tables. Stick to low stakes or even free games of poker for fun while you’re learning. Your initial goal is to learn how to play, not win money.

Before moving up to games where you can win significant amounts of money, get comfortable with poker strategy first. Think of it this way, most of your opponents in higher stakes poker have years of experience. Therefore, it’s hard to beat them, you’ll just be throwing money away by trying to when you hardly know how.

Only Play When You’re In A Good Mood

This applies to pokie games and every other real money online betting. We make stupid decisions when we’re angry or feeling down. Give yourself the best chance to come out on top by playing when you already feel great. This is perhaps the most important rule in our poker tips for beginners.

Feeling Inspired to Try A Little Online Poker?

Now is a great time to start enjoying poker games online, there’re more choices than you can imagine. Choose a casino from our online casino Australia reviews, and our pokies news and you can count on finding the best poker games online!

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