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How to Win at Pokies online- Best Tips of 2020!

There’s no simple answer when it comes to how to win at pokies online. And that’s mainly because the main point of pokie games is that it’s based on luck. In fact, that’s the reason so many people seek them out. Instead of having to learn complicated rules and invested a considerable amount of cash to win big. You can simply have a lucky day and win massive sums of money with pokies.

Although pokies are completely random, there are a few tricks that you can consider the next time you play. There’s no guarantee that you’ll win, of course, but you will maximize your chances of hitting that big jackpot.

How to Win at Pokies Online – How the Games Work?

Before I get to the tips for how to win at pokies online, let me briefly explain how pokies work. Slot games are entirely based on luck. Therefore, there is no strategy to use to win any particular game. All you do is insert your coin and spin the reel.

Your best outcome is if the reels line up to give you a winning combination. Keep in mind that these games do not follow any patterns or predetermined results. All of the fair and trustworthy casinos use random number generators to ensure that the outcome is random.

You might think that your turn to win is coming up because you’ve already played x amount of spins. However, it doesn’t matter if you play a thousand spins or five, your odds of winning the next spin remain the same.

Choose the Right Game

Picking the right pokies to play is tantamount to winning. There are tons of choices for playing slots online. Furthermore, themes and features are not always relevant. What you need to look for is the RTP or Return to Player rates. The higher the RTP rate, the better your chance of winning on that game.

One way to ensure you’re accessing the best (and best paying) games is by joining the best online casinos. Thanks to our online casino Australia reviews, you can find ratings for the important aspects of all the leading websites.

Pay Attention to Pay Tables

I know I said that slots are easy compared to other games, but this is a step you should not skip. Every game has its unique pay table, which shows what each combination and symbol is worth.

Practice Without Spending Money

If you’re new to this and you really want to learn how to win at pokies online, there’s no need to spend your cash. All of the casinos on this page give you the chance to try games out for free. Whether that means they include free spins (where you can still win money) or simple “free mode” which essentially means you’re just playing for fun.

Either one of these options gives you the chance to practice for free and learn how to play pokies before spending a dime.

Play Games with Smaller Jackpots

We all love to see huge progressive jackpot wins in pokies news. And it’s hard to resist trying your luck at million-dollar jackpots. However, sometimes it’s better to aim for smaller jackpots by playing less lucrative games.

The huge jackpots are attractive, but your odds of winning can sometimes be only slightly better than winning the lottery. The regular pokies games usually come with more realistic odds of winning.

Ready to Try Your Luck?

Now that you have the most important tips for how to win at pokies online, you’re probably itching to try them out. Well don’t take chances on just any online casino, here are Best Pokies top recommendations for 2020!

The Biggest Aussie Pokie Wins in History!

The real thrill of playing pokie games for every player is the possibility of winning a huge, life-changing jackpot. For players all around the world, this is the true appeal of progressives and every other type of pokies. Another factor that contributes to the popularity of slots is how easy they are to play. In fact, some of the biggest Aussie pokie wins ever were by people who just started playing!

Pokies differ from cards and table games because they are fast, cheap to play, and super easy. You’ll never be required to spend time learning how to play pokies or practicing your skills and strategies. Although, I do have some tips and tricks to help you choose the right games.

Additionally, the rush you get when the game hits and you see your coins going up is unbeatable. Keep reading for some of the biggest Aussie pokie wins ever!

The Biggest Aussie Pokie Wins

In the last few years, we are seeing a rise in the biggest Aussie pokie wins as more and more people start learning how to play pokies online.

For example, in 2013, a lucky Australian pokies player hit one of the biggest jackpots at the time and left the Royal Vegas mobile casino with $943, 971. In that same year, another player hit a $350,000 jackpot while playing in a local casino in Coffs Harbour.

These wins are just the tip of the iceberg when you consider that earlier this year, a lucky Aussie hit a $570,897 jackpot without leaving home by playing online. A quick look at YouTube and pokies news will show you additional major wins recorded.

My favorite kind of winning stories are the ones that took place on mobile sites. The reason is that it’s indicative of the universal truth that online casinos give players better chances of winning. Giving players a higher chance of winning is the main purpose of our online casino Australia review page. Because Best Pokies understands that to win, you need to play at reputable and trustworthy sites.

Playing From Home?

if you’re looking for the best online pokies real money games, then follow the reviews you read about the leading casinos. It’s not enough to choose the first online casino you come across and start playing. You need to make sure the service is licensed, reputable, and secure enough to protect your valuable information.

Playing online can be just as fun, exciting, and rewarding as being in a real-life casino. In fact, many would argue that it’s even better.

Here are some of the reasons players prefer playing online:

  • Bigger selections of games
  • Bonus rewards just for signing up
  • Convenience

The bottom line, and my top piece of advice to win pokies is choosing the right casino and the right games. Progressives are known for giving out major amounts of money, sometimes in the millions. However, you must be making the maximum bets in order to qualify.

If standard pokies are a better fit for your bankroll, don’t worry. There are still tens of thousands of dollars to you can win on standard pokies!

How to Play Pokies Online Australia – Beginner’s Guide to the Best!

If there’s one thing all Aussies seem to go straight for in a casino, it’s pokies. Statistics show that these slot games make up the bulk of revenue for casinos, both online and on land. Additionally, we can’t seem to go more than a day without seeing pokies news of major wins by Aussies. Therefore, more and more newbies are joining and starting to play pokies online in Australia.

That’s why at Best Pokies, we took it upon ourselves to find you the best and latest in pokie games and online casinos. We do this with our online pokies Australia reviews, where we carefully test and review all of the most popular websites and casino apps. There might be hundreds to choose from, but thanks to our expertise, we’ve narrowed the lists down to only the best in each category.

If what you’re looking to do is play pokies online Australia, then you’re in the right place!

Why Do So Many People Choose to Play Pokies Online Australia?

The short answer to why so many people love to play pokies online Australia is the ease of learning the games. For example, learning how to play pokies is easier and quicker than the sometimes-complicated rules of classic card and table games.

Additionally, when you compare the potential payouts you can get from a single spin on a slot game, it’s incredible. Pokies are the only games where you could become an instant millionaire for wagering just a few dollars or less. To win this kind of money at baccarat, poker, or any other games, you would need to venture into high roller territory.

The best part is that you can win without spending years perfecting your skills. We’ve had big winners that won tens of thousands of dollars on their first or second try.

How to Play

A simple search for online pokies in Australia will yield hundreds of results. However, not every source for pokies is going to be worth pursuing. That’s why we right our reviews and provide only the best websites.

Playing pokies is easier than ever before, especially online. All of the casinos you see here give you tons of instant play options. Therefore, no need to download or install any software or app. Just visit the site and create a member account (so you can take advantage of sign up rewards). Moments later, you’ll be able to start playing real money pokies!

Free Pokies

Did you know that you can play pokies online Australia for free? You might be wondering what the point of that is. To be honest, you can’t win money, but you can get two types of value from this.

First, you get the chance to practice and test out the games before risking your bankroll. This is particularly helpful if you’re new to playing online.

Secondly, it can be a fun way to waste a little time on a boring day. The types of games that developers are creating these days offer a lot of depth, interesting themes, and top-quality graphics which are fun to explore.

Your Odds of Winning

I’ve provided many tips and tricks for picking the right games. However, there is no sure-fire way to win every time. Your best bet is choosing games with high Return to Player rates and making the maximum bet wherever it’s required to hit the jackpots. The rest is up to your luck.

The good news is that you’re maximizing your odds of winning (and receiving your wins) by choosing one of the reputable and trustworthy casinos you see here!

Casino Midas Promotions – Get $1,500 In 3 Easy Steps

Currently, Casino Midas promotions come in ongoing and one time only when you sign up. A quick look at the popular online casino will show you why they always rank so high in our online casino Australia review page. They certainly know how to keep themselves in the pokies news by presenting new and exciting offers frequently.

We can’t complain when it’s players that get the best benefits of their incentives. After all, what Best Pokies is good at is finding you a great deal on the best pokie games, so we couldn’t fail to mention Casino Midas.

For example, as a member of Midas Casino, you’ll want to keep notifications on, because they will email you special deals often.

Casino Midas Promotions – Sign-Up Bonuses

When you become a member and make your first deposit at you access the best Casino Midas promotions. For starters, you’ll get 100% of your first deposit (up to $500). Which means you can get double the spending cash instantly.

Next, making a second deposit comes with even more cash; you’ll get 150% added to your deposit of up to $500. Therefore, if you deposit $100, they’ll give you another $150 on top of that! For this offer, you’ll need the bonus code: WELCOME150

Lastly, with your third deposit, they’ve upped the ante even more! You’ll get a whopping 200% cash bonus up to $500. The bonus code for this is WELCOME200.

With all that being said, if you don’t know how to play pokies, feel free to give it a try in free mode before making a deposit.


After getting the awesome bonus rewards and enjoying tons of the latest games, it’s easy to see why Casino Midas is a favorite of so many people. In addition to everything mentioned above, the comp program gives you the chance to earn even more rewards.

For every dollar you bet, you receive one comp point. Of course, there are certain requirements before cashing out. However, these are the standard for every online casino otherwise players will take advantage of it and never stick around long enough to become loyal members.

if you’re going to play anyway, why not get long term benefits? We can confidently recommend Midas Casino to all of our faithful readers. There’s nothing to dislike about the website and many incredible reasons to return time after time.

An Aussie Payday Loans Customer Service Agent Wins $28,574 Jackpot!

Imagine working in an industry where you speak to hundreds of people every week who are in need of payday loans. Times are tough in ways we couldn’t have imagined even last year. But for this lucky payday loans customer service agent, getting one of the biggest pokie wins of the week was a dream come true!

This pokie games win came just in time for 25-year-old Lyra Mill, a payday loans employee who was going through financial problems herself. $28,000 can go a long way in securing her future by paying off some student debts and keeping herself afloat.

Payday Loans Job is Now a Thing of The Past for Lucky Winner

Lyra commented that she would like to leave her job as a payday loans customer service agent and use the money to pursue her entrepreneurial interests. The freedom that comes along with winning such a large amount of money is incredible. Most winners use it to pursue lifelong dreams that require a lump sum they never imagined would materialize.

At Best Pokies, we’re always so happy to hear about fellow Aussies hitting big jackpots. The best part is that we here tons of stories from winners that won more than once. In the case of playing pokies, lightning does seem to strike twice sometimes.

The reason this happens for many lucky players is the randomness of each spin. The Australian online casinos we recommend always use random number generators to ensure each spin is unique. That’s why you’ll hear about recurring wins because the machine doesn’t know that you’ve won before!

Some Tips for Winning Pokies

As much experience as I have in this industry, I can only help you learn how to play pokies. Whether you win a major jackpot in the future depends on luck. However, I do have a few pointers to help you optimize your chances.

Firstly, as with all other casino games, the more money you bet, the more potential for greater rewards. Pokies are cheaper than other games in both online and land-based casinos. But that doesn’t mean you should always play the cheaper games or bet on the minimum lines. For instance, progressive pokies; the ones you see constantly in pokies news, require the maximum bet to qualify for the jackpot.

What this means is that unless you’re making the max bet on a progressive game, you can only win small amounts. It’s also worth noting that many of the higher denomination games also come with higher RTP rates. The return to player rate dictates how much money a game can give back to players in the form of winning.

Therefore, it’s worth seeking out games with higher RTP rates, even if they cost slightly more to play.

Another great piece of advice is to always choose a reputable online casino. Our online casino Australia reviews can guide you in the direction of high paying and respectable websites. As such, you can expect fair treatment at all times, a great selection of games, and more value for your dollar!

Aussie Looking for Small Cash Loans, Wins $31,690!

An Aussie father of three admits he was looking for small cash loans to stay afloat when he hit a $31,690 jackpot! There’s nothing betting than a pokies news story of someone in need of cash hitting big. And winning more than enough to cover their expenses!

It happens more often than you think. And closer to home with the growing number of players and casinos opening in Australia. We see many of the biggest pokie wins each week taking place right here and couldn’t be happier.

42-year-old father of three Kelvin Petty was in shock when he hit a bonus round that catapulted him to a $31,690 jackpot. “it happened so quickly. I was playing the game for almost an hour and only won a few dollars here and there. Suddenly my screen went crazy, and I saw that I had won over 31,000 thousand dollars.”

We’re sure it was a relief to know that he can solve his current financial issues with the money he won in one hour!

Needless to Say, He Will No Longer Need Small Cash Loans

Some of us can only imagine what it would be like to manage our finances with occasional small cash loans to help us through. In fact, pokie games are not something we would typically recommend for someone in this position. However, when it’s a form of entertainment that someone is careful about managing, it certainly doesn’t hurt to try your luck.

Last week someone in a similar predicament who was looking for small cash loans, also won a large jackpot and it’s certainly not uncommon. Be smart about how much you can spend playing pokies, while still allowing yourself the pleasure of enjoying your favorite hobby.

Expert Tips for Optimizing Wins

Best Pokies resident expert had some interesting tips for hopefuls looking to hit a jackpot. The easy part is learning how to play pokies. What proves to be a bit more challenging is choosing the right online casinos and games.

Let’s start with the games you should be playing if you want to win big. If you’ve been playing for any given time, you’ve likely come across information about return to player rates. The RTP is how much a game can give back to players as wins. Obviously, choosing the games with the highest RTP rates will give you more chances to win.

Next, the amount you win depends on how much the machine is offering. Progressive jackpots offer more because they a link of games that build up to bigger jackpots, faster. Therefore, you’re more likely to win big by playing these types of games.

Lastly, and most importantly, join a reputable online casino. We’ve seen it many times where winners complain in forums about certain casinos that find reasons to refuse winnings or take forever to process withdrawals. Don’t be a victim of an unscrupulous online casino.  

Choosing from our list of online casino Australia review shortlists means you’ll access only the top tier casinos. These websites have great reputations to maintain and you can count on everything going smoothly.

Woo Casino Bonus – Claim 150 Free Spins Now!

If you’re looking for the best pokies online combined with one of the top special bonuses, you can’t go wrong with Woo Casino. Using your Woo Casino bonus of 150 free spins gives you the chance to play for real money without risking any of your own cash!

You can spin some of the top pokie games in the world for a chance to win a massive jackpot. And that’s before you even start using your bankroll. In addition to the free spins, you also get a 100% cashback bonus. Which gives you double the amount of money to play for longer and even more opportunities to win.

It’s no wonder that we see Woo Casino so often in the latest pokie news and incredible wins. They are surely doing a lot of things right to attract and keep their loyal Aussie members. Additionally, the casino is available in 8 different languages. They’ve also kept things simple and breezy by offering many different banking options and live chat support for users that encounter technical or other issues.

Woo Casino Bonus – How It Works

The Woo Casino bonus rewards you generously on your first two deposits of $100 or less. They will match it by 100%. Plus, you’ll get 200 free spins to go along with it. For example, if you deposit $100, they’ll give you an additional $100, for a total of $200 in playing cash.

Here’s how to claim these awesome benefits:

  1. Create a member account at Woo Casino
  2. Make your first deposit up to $100 and get your 100% cash match and 150 free spins added to that.
  3. Make your second deposit and get another 100% cash match + 50 free spins!f

We recommend joining as soon as possible while this deal is still available. However, if you’re not comfortable making real money bets after reading this glowing online casino Australia review of Woo Casino, you can always play in free mode first.

By trying the games in demo mode, you’ll get the chance to learn how to play pokies (if you don’t already know).


The Woo Casino bonus doesn’t end with the warm welcome you receive. You’ll continue to collect benefits by being an active member. Every time you play, you collect VIP points that move you up the ladder for even more rewards and perks.

Instant Loans Seeker in Australia Wins $22,544!

There are a lot of issues plaguing us right now that would force many to look for instant loans for short term fixes. Most of us imagine ourselves winning hug rewards when playing pokie games, or any other casino staples for that matter. However, for one lucky Aussie mom that became a reality!

31-year-old Hope Lowry from Sydney was in a tough position financially when she finally hit a $22,544 jackpot. After years of playing and winning the odd amount here and there, Hope finally struck one of the biggest pokie wins of the week in Australia.

We’ve seen it happen many times; players that win thousands of dollars unexpectedly and just when they need it most. Of course, in current times, arguably, the majority of us could use instant loans or major wins.

Looking for Instant Loans and Coming Out with Thousands in Winnings

Hope was in a situation where she instant loans to survive the effects of the pandemic. Instead of going out with friends, or spending money on other hobbies, she chose to try her luck on Best Pokies. We can’t promote doing so if you’re in a tough situation yourself. But it is one way to spend the time, that can that bring rewards your way.

We can imagine what an amazing feeling it must be to win so much right when you needed it the most!

Expert Tips on Choosing the Right Games

Learning how to play pokies takes no time at all. The time-consuming part about playing is finding the best online casinos and most rewarding games. We’ve taken care of the former for you by doing our online casino Australia reviews.

We did all the hard stuff that requires specialized knowledge, so you can sit back, choose a casino, and enjoy.


The next thing you need to pay attention to is which games you’re choosing to play. Deciding whether to play classic video slots, progressives or any other of the thousands of choices there are can be difficult. So, here’s some vital advice that will make it easier.

If large jackpots are what you’re after (and aren’t we all?) then you must turn your attention to progressive jackpots games. Whenever you see huge wins like hope’s in the latest pokies news, we can almost guarantee the game was a progressive.

That’s because progressive games are linked across many different games and often websites. Therefore, the jackpot increases at a quick rate, paying out one lucky winner tens of thousands frequently. Our Aussie wins are only a fraction of the amount these games give out daily!

RTP Rates

Another thing you should look for on each game you play is the RTP rate. The return to player rate is the percentage of earnings the game pays out. Bet you didn’t know that the average RTP rate is 96%. However, some games can go up to over 97%. Look for those and you’ll have a better chance of winning. There’s a reason some games seem to make headlines much more often than others, and now you know why!

Free Pokies Games for Mobiles – Play Instantly to Win Real Cash!

At Best Pokies, the party never ends! On whatever device you’re using, you can be sure to find the best free pokies games for mobiles here. We don’t play games when it comes to finding the latest and most innovative games, online casinos, and pokies news

We don’t stop at finding the best pokie games either. Our recommended casinos and apps always have tons of other games as well. Try your luck on many different variations of roulette, blackjack, poker, craps, baccarat, and more. The choices are endless when you choose a high-quality and secure platform.

The best part about playing free pokies games for mobiles is that you don’t necessarily need to download an app and you never have to pay first!

If you’re a fan of online casino games and slots, in particular, you can’t go wrong with mobile casinos. Home pcs are starting to collect dust as players move more toward mobile gaming. They lose none of the benefits like promotions, selections, etc.

Free Pokies Games for Mobiles

Why Free Pokies Games for Mobiles is the Future

As life gets busier and more fast-paced, Aussies are always looking for new ways to partake in their favorite hobbies. Since online pokies are such a hit in this part of the world, it’s only natural that casinos will be looking toward mobile optimization to bring free pokies games for mobiles.

You can do just about anything on your mobile device that you can do on your computer. You can take advantage of the same instant play options and learn how to play pokies for free before making a deposit. Most players find it even more enjoyable to hold so many casino gaming possibilities right in the palm of their hand.

We keep a careful eye on all of the latest trends and new casinos that provide free pokies games for mobile. Therefore, you get the benefit of our years of experience in this industry. You don’t need to search far and test hundreds of different online casinos because we took care of that for you.

How to Choose the Best Mobile Casino?

As I mentioned above, our online casino Australia reviews include apps and mobile sites. When you select from our shortlist of casinos, you get the best of both worlds.

Here are some of the things we look for before recommending a site:

  1. Security – The security of your personal and financial details directly affects your peace of mind. Therefore, we make it our top priority to ensure we only provide the most trusted and respectable companies.
  2. Selection of games – Because who doesn’t love having a lot of choices?
  3. Promotions – We look for the best deals so you can get the most value for your money.

You will find detailed reviews of our recommended sites by having a look at our online casino Australia reviews. Where we provide key information about the leading online casinos and apps! Here are some of our top picks where you can play games instantly!

A Cash Advance Dream Come True – Aussie Pokies Player Wins $27,962!

In times when a cash advance is something on everyone’s mind, winning a massive jackpot is a dream come true. You wouldn’t believe how many huge wins happened among Aussie players in the last week. And the most significant one is a Brisbane man who won $27,962.

49-year-old Rod Blythe had no idea that it would be his lucky day when he logged on to play pokie games online. Progressives are his favorite because in the past he took home an amazing win of $5,000 playing a progressive while on vacation in Vegas. His incredible win ended up covering his vacation and then some!

Now again he got lucky on his second progressive win with almost $28,000! The interesting thing is that Rod was going through a bit of a rough patch and looking for a cash advance loan to cover some unexpected expenses. This is not something that occurs multiple times for most players, but we are seeing it happen increasingly often.

It must be such an amazing feeling to see one of the biggest pokie wins show up your screen!

Getting the Biggest Cash Advance Of Your Life

It’s clear that winning a lump sum amount of money like this is the ideal type of cash advance. There’s nothing to qualify for or to pay back. You win and the money is yours to keep! Indeed, many people are wondering how they can make that magic happen for themselves.

Best Pokies can’t promise that we can make wins like Rod’s happen for everyone. However, what we do provide is as much information as we can about all of the most popular casino games and pokies news to keep you informed. We will also do our best to teach you how to play pokies in a way that maximizes your odds of winning.

More importantly, we provide a genuine and informative online casino Australia review page. This functions as the only guide you need to new and leading online casinos that accept Aussie players.

Tips for New Players

If you’re thinking it’s time to start playing pokies for a chance to win this kind of cash, there’s some crucial advice you must follow. First, don’t go into playing pokies thinking that it’s a sure thing, you’ll only set yourself up for disappointment.

Secondly, it’s important to play as many lines and the highest denominations as you can comfortably afford. This does not mean that you should spend more than you can afford or throw your whole bankroll on just a few spins. Try to find a comfortable place that allows you to play for long enough without choosing the cheapest pokies game.

The reason for this is because higher denomination games have been proven to pay out much more. In fact, most progressive jackpots require you to make the maximum bet. Otherwise, you will not qualify for the main jackpot, but you may still get smaller wins. We say it’s a missed opportunity and you might as well play regular slots.

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