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The 4 Sneakiest Cheats to Win Pokies

Pokie games are by the most rewarding games in any casino when you compare the wagers to how much you can win. They are also unique in that they can yield the highest profits for the house, players, and even cheaters who manage to come up with a successful system. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the sneakiest ways clever cheats have come up to win pokies.

For instance, slots can bring in a lot of money for a very low risk. With just a few dollars people can legitimately win tens of thousands of dollars. Therefore, you can just imagine how simply throughout history scammers managed to trick the machines. It’s also easy to understand why they are a constant target for cheats.

Best Pokies does not recommend trying any of the following. Firstly, they are not possible in modern software games. Secondly, you’re more likely to wind up in jail than to win millions.

Win Pokies

Scams to Win Pokies – Cheat Codes

Engineers are the geniuses responsible for designing slot games and machines. All modern games for regular auditing and monitoring while at the same time providing the chance to win pokies.

These engineers are also in a prime position to rig the machines and set up a system to scam the casino. For instance, the infamous Ronald Dale Harris, a Nevada based engineer who figured out how to manipulate the slots using cheat codes.

Knowing the source codes, he managed to cheat machines for years. It wasn’t until 1995 that he and his partner got caught after cheating in Keno and winning $100,000.

Fake Coins

Using fake coins was the method that Louis “the coin” Colavecchio chose, he managed to scam different casinos for years. After getting caught and spending years in prison, he was released in 2006, only to immediately resume his cheating ways.


Older slots machines were mechanical and hence much easier to cheat than modern-day software games. It’s no longer remotely possible, to use magnets to win pokies. However, when the machines were metal it was an easy cheat that worked for many scammers.

The basic idea is that you can spin the reels, then use a magnet to make them stop at a winning combination. This one required sleight of hand and being extremely sneaky to avoid getting caught.


Some scammers mastered the technique of using a coin attached to a string to cheat the machine. They would send the coin down and bring it back up to play without risking their money. Thanks to the invention of new and advanced machines, this is no longer possible at all.


As you can see from all of the cheaters that got caught and spent time in prison. Cheating is not worth it, and casinos do not take it lightly. I highly recommend against trying to do any of the above.

However, there are more chances to find high payout games now than ever before. You’re much better off keeping up with pokie news and learning how to play pokies to win pokies legitimately.

Not Sure Where to Play?

Thanks to our expert online casino Australia reviews, you can access honest information about all of the leading online casinos. Here are our recommended sites currently operating!

Tangiers Casino Online – Sign Up Now For up to $4,000 Free!

When online betting lovers think of Tangiers, it’s the casino that comes to mind, not the gorgeous vacation destination. As one of the best online casinos in the world, Tangiers casino has a lot of work to keep members satisfied. It’s not enough to have an excellent Tangiers casino online AND a mobile site. The selection, bonuses, and customer support are top-notch as well.

In this online casino Australia review, we’ll take a look at the 2020 updates of Tangiers that keep it innovative and cool.

Tangiers Casino Online – Games Selection

At Tangiers casino online you’ll find a ton of pokies games, table games, and instant play options for online betting. Moreover, the options don’t end at real money games, you can always do trial versions to learn how to play pokies first. The best part is all of the games are by top developers like BetSoft and Pragmatic Play.

Additionally, if you want to take your betting to the next level, try live dealer games or the sportsbook. The live dealer allows you to join live-streaming tables of blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker, and more. You’ll be chatting with a real person dealer, who is ready to answer any questions you have.

With the live dealer section at Tangiers, nothing is missing that sets it apart from a land-based casino.


The bonuses further make Tangiers a world-class online casino. For instance, you can claim a cashback bonus on your first four deposits for a whopping maximum of $4,000 in total bonus cash!

To claim the bonus offers, all you need to do is create a member account and start making your first deposits. The transaction processes are fast and simple, with many options for both deposits and withdrawals.

Mobile Casino

Another great thing about Tangiers is that you can enjoy a great portion of the selection on your mobile device. And it’s not necessary to download an app, the website itself is optimized for mobile use. Therefore, just logging on from your device’s browser is enough.

The mobile site is available to iOS, Android, and Windows users.


Tangiers certainly gets the Best Pokies stamp of approval with its excellent selection of games and exciting bonus offers.

Moreover, the fact that they are constantly updating their roster of games and promotions means it’s worth it to keep up with pokies news.

Aristocrat Online Pokies – Australia’s #1 Developer

One of the world’s leading pokie games developers happens to be Australian. Aristocrat online pokies are among the best in existence, they come in every genre, theme, and most of full of exciting and rewarding special features.

Now the Sydney based software company has offices all over the world and provides top-quality games to casinos in every jurisdiction. Their expansion reaching countries outside of the English-speaking world, all the way to Russia and Japan.

In addition to being one of the best, Aristocrat is also one of the first to start developing pokies. They started in 1953, back when mechanical games still existed. In fact, they were the first to create multi-line and scattered payouts.

Aristocrat Online Pokies

Aristocrat Online Pokies – World-Class Developers

Aristocrat online pokies are the second biggest in the world. The only company slightly larger is Internation Game Technology, an American company. On top of providing some of the highest quality software games, Aristocrat is also responsible for many of the physical machines in land-based casinos.

As an innovative leader in online casinos, the company continues to expand into more countries. They also aim to continue expanding their roster of Aristocrat online pokies as well as casino hardware. For instance, Behemoth, the world’s biggest pokie machine which uses touch screen technology, was developed by Aristocrat.

Games Selection

Whenever I do an online casino Australia review for Best Pokies readers, I’m always happy to see an extensive collection of pokies. This almost always includes top titles by Aristocrat. Because they have such a large portfolio of games, it’s difficult to visit any leading site without finding them.

Aristocrat loves to make games, as their mission states. And it shows in the quality of the pokies they produce. With so many years of experience behind them, it’s clear to see why users love Aristocrat online pokies.

One of the best features of many Aristocrat titles is that you can play them in free mode as a way to learn how to play pokies. And it’s still an enjoyable experience when you compare them to other similar games. Titles like Vikings, Queen of the Nile, Miss Kitty, Where’s the Gold and many more. All of which have impressive gameplay, stunning graphics, and perfect sound effects.

Even among other top developers like Microgaming and Net Entertainment, Aristocrat manages to stand out.

What’s Next?

In recent pokies news, Aristocrat declared further diversification and new offerings and users are excited to see what’s next.

If you want to try your luck on the latest Aristocrat games, the casinos you see here all have outstanding track records. We looked at their policies, licenses, user experience, games selection, and more to ensure we recommend only the best.

One signal of value is a wide selection of games by Aristocrat and other top software developers. When you see games like this, you know that you’ve stumbled upon a fair and reliable site that is sure to thrill and excite you. Don’t settle for less when you can enjoy the highest quality games for free or for real money!

Online Pokies Jackpot – $33,055 In One Spin for Sydney Man!

39-year-old Frederick Melton had no idea he would make pokies news when he logged on to play pokies last week. But that’s exactly what happened when in one lucky spin he hit an online pokies jackpot worth over $33,000!

Frederick normally plays table games like blackjack and video poker. However, the winner’s board caught his eye due to the number of recent wins on pokie games. So, he decided to give it a try and see if he could get lucky. For the first hour or so, his original 100 dollar deposit seemed to be going down, but then with one amazing streak of luck, he hit a jackpot of $33,055!

How Progressive Online Pokies Jackpot Games Operate

It’s always such a thrill to hear about lucky Aussies getting some of the biggest pokies wins ever. And as players start seeing how much fun betting online is, the wins only keep increasing. That’s because progressive online pokies jackpot slots, like the one Frederic, won, have top prizes that increase whenever someone plays.

Most of these games are linked among different games, and often even casino brands. This means that they increase in size very quickly, allowing for more possibilities for wins. Then, once someone does win, the main prize goes back down to a pre-set number.

However, it’s not all or nothing when it comes to pokies. Roughly 30% of the payouts occur in smaller intervals and 70% of the money goes toward the top prize. This number can reach to tens of thousands of dollars.

How To Optimizing Your Chances of Winning

Best Pokies experts had some exciting tips for players hoping to hit a jackpot. The simplest part is learning how to play pokies. And what is always a bit more challenging is choosing the right online casinos and games. That’s because there are so many betting sites to choose from!

Let’s start with the games you should be playing if you want to win. The RTP is how much a game can give back to players as prizes. For obvious reasons, picking the games with the highest RTP rates will give you more chances to win.

Lastly, and most importantly, join a reputable online casino. We’ve seen it many times where winners complain in forums about certain casinos that find reasons to refuse winnings or take too long to process withdrawals. Don’t be a victim of an unscrupulous online casino, choose a reputable, top quality casino that values you as a member.

Choosing from our list of online casino Australia review shortlists means you’ll access only the top tier casinos. These websites have great reputations to maintain and you can count on everything going smoothly. Never settle for second best when it comes to online casinos or online pokies jackpot games. There are too many choices for you to have a boring moment.

Pokies Open Now – Lucky Aussie Woman Wins $29,045!

When she searched for pokies open now. 52-year-old Lianne Watts had no idea it would lead to one of the biggest pokie wins of the week. She was merely looking for online pokie games to fill the gap that casino closures left in her free time.

Normally at least once or twice a week she would hit up the nearest casino. To try her luck for an hour or two at pokies. And there were several instances in the past where her $100 deposit turned into more than $1,000 as she left. Therefore, we can understand why she prefers playing slots.

Luckily, thanks to online casinos you can find pokies open now in multitudes. In fact, there are way more choices for pokies open now than any other game. Moreover, the selections surpass any that you would find in a land-based casino.

Another great thing that players are starting to notice is that you can win more often online because the RTP rates are higher. Like Lianne and her $29,045 which are commonplace when playing online. A simple YouTube search will even show you videos of winners that chose to record.

We’re always thrilled to see Aussie take home big prizes!

Looking for Pokies Open Now?

If you’re in the same situation where you’re looking for pokies open now and unsure where to play, that’s where we can help. Lucky winners like Lianne usually don’t have much advice to offer on how to win. Largely because they just got lucky and can’t explain why.

One thing many players have in common is that they felt dejected and sometimes had losing streaks. Just like you do. However, they looked on the bright side and kept it simple and fun.

When you choose to play real money games for fun rather than making it all about winning cash, you never lose. That’s because the main reason to play is for the thrill and excitement. And we can’t guarantee a win every time, but we do guarantee that you’ll enjoy the games.

We’re not superstitious enough to think that some people just have luck on their side or that they just know how to play pokies better. What makes more sense to us is that they are choosing to play high RTP games in reputable online casinos.

Where to Play

You probably want a little more information about the above statement, playing in the right online casinos. Well, for beginners, you shouldn’t proceed to sign up to just any online casino and start playing the first pokies you see. There is simply too much to choose from.

The reason review sites like Best Pokies exist is to pick through all the riffraff and find you the best games and websites. Our online casino Australia reviews will lead you down the path toward wins, simply because you’ll be playing better games.

The fact remains that the more respectable the casino you join, the better chances to make it to pokies news as a winner

Aus Slots Win! – $40,947 Win for Sydney Woman!

As Aus slots online players continue to see a rise, so do the incredible jackpots and winners. In exciting pokies news, another Aussie has hit a massive jackpot with a $40, 947 win! 23-year-old Adelaide resident Sofi Tyler is the most recent lucky winner. Imagine being able to pay off all your student loans and having a fresh start just from one stroke of good luck!

The most interesting part is that Sofi just recently started playing pokie games online. I don’t believe in beginners’ luck, but the last few Aus slots win sure makes a compelling argument.

How Aus Slots Wins As This Happen

In this case, Sofi cashed in on a 100% match up bonus after depositing $100. With the intention of trying her luck at progressive Aus slots. We’re sure she never imagined she would win such one of the biggest pokie wins of the week so quickly after signing up. However, that’s the dream of everyone who starts playing slots online.

There is no sure-fire way to guarantee a win. Whether you’ve been playing for years or just learning how to play pokies. In fact, knowing how to play has very little to do with skill or knowledge. It all boils down to choosing the right games for your budget.

I could provide a few Best Pokies tips to get you started. But I feel it’s more important to choose the right online casino. If you have a quick look at our online casino Australia reviews, you’ll see what sets the top quality, reliable sites apart from shady or average ones. 

When it comes to playing any online betting game, the reputation of the platform you choose has a lot to do with your success.

The Benefits of Online Casinos

One reason players prefer playing online is that they have a much better chance at hitting jackpots than in a land-based casino. It’s a little-known fact that they can afford to give out more money since they have fewer operational costs.

In addition to the above, here are a few more reasons to love playing online.

  1. More betting options – Online games come in more variations, you can choose between different betting levels, coin values, multipliers, and the number of lines you play. Thus, you get far more flexibility in online casinos.
  2. Games have better payouts – Return to Player rates are about 10% higher in online casinos than land-based. The RTP rate can exceed 95% online, whereas offline, it’s typically around 87% or less. The reason for this is that online casinos don’t have the same overhead costs.
  3. Better selection – You’ll find a much wider variety of games when playing online. This is because the machines don’t take up valuable space online. Most online casinos can host thousands of pokies and tons of other popular games.

If you sign up now to one of the websites you see here, you’ll be able to double or triple your initial deposit. Making more bets equal more chances to win in Aus slots!

Casino Midas Live Dealer Games – Get $3,000 + 150 Free Spins

When it comes to finding the latest pokie games and an assortment of the classic casino staples, you can’t go wrong with Casino Midas. Additionally, the Casino Midas live dealer games are another exciting addition to the offers at this leading website.

It doesn’t matter if there’s not a single operating casino in your area, the live dealer tables at Midas Casino are open 24/7. Therefore, you can experience the look and feel of being in a casino, without stepping foot outside your home.

Casino Midas Live Games – Selection

With Casino Midas live dealer, you can choose from different versions and stakes levels of your favorite games. Naturally, there’s a wider selection of the most popular games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and more.

At the time of writing this online casino Australia review, Casino Midas had the following options:

  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Baccarat

To start playing live games, you’ll need to first create a member account at the casino. However, don’t worry about having to log on in time to catch specific games, live dealers are available around the clock. You can join exciting and immersive games at any time you’re in the mood.

Bonus Offers

Currently, Casino Midas has an incredible offer available only to new members. You can claim bonus cash of up to $3,000 and an additional 150 free spins.

To claim the current sign-up bonus, here’s what you need to do:

  • Create an account and enter the bonus code: GOLD150 to claim the free spins
  • Make your first using one of the many safe and secure payment options
  • Receive a bonus of 150% cashback on your first deposit of up to $1,000 and 50 free spins to be used on the game Cash Bandits 2.
  • Enjoy the same deal on your next two deposits for up to $3,000 in bonus cash!


Casino Midas gets the Best Pokies stamp of approval for overall great user experience. For instance, beginners will love that they can learn how to play pokies by trying the games out for free without any real money bets needed.

Moreover, the casino brings out new offers so often that I recommend keeping up with our pokies news for more rewards!

Best Pokies Games to Play –Pokies with The Best Wins!

Once you’ve found a great online casino, your next step is deciding between the multitude of pokie games to choose from. Making a profit while playing slots goes beyond learning how to play pokies. You also need to choose the best pokies games to play.

There’s a reason you tend to see the same titles mentioned in pokies news about big jackpot wins. That’s because some games have better payouts than others. Additionally, some types of games are better to play depending on your budget.

In this article we’ll go over the most common types of pokies, so you can decide what works best for you.

Best Pokies Games – Massive Jackpots

Not all jackpots are equal. There are some games that give out smaller wins and some that will reward lucky players with live changing wins. You may have heard the following terms come up in casinos or online. However, they don’t suggest which are the best pokies games to play. To determine that, have a look at the following.

Multi-Line Pokies

This kind of slot allows players to choose how many pay lines and the number of credits they want to play. The trick to qualifying for the main prize is by playing the maximum credits and pay lines so you can achieve every winning combination.

Before you start playing, have a look at the paytable to see all of the possibilities you can trigger. Then make your bets accordingly.

Straight Multiplayer

A straight multiplayer allows players to trigger any winning combo with just one credit. Any additional credits will increase the winning multiplier. Meaning that if you win with a one-coin wager, you will get three coins. In these games, it’s best to play the single credit wager, although some experts say betting the maximum is better.

Combination Slots

As the name suggests, combination slots combine one or more different popular features. Whether it’s a multiplier with buy-a-pay or multi-line progressive. If you need any clarification about the game you’re considering, always check the pay table before you start.

When playing combination slots, I suggest betting enough to trigger every possible payout.

Bonus Multipliers

These are similar to straight multiplier games, where you can trigger any combination with one credit. With bonus multipliers, any additional credits you bet will multiply your winnings and can also activate bonus payouts. However, I would suggest sticking to a single credit bet on these games.


Whenever you hear about someone winning a massive jackpot in one stroke of luck, chances are the game was a progressive. With progressives, every time someone makes a bet, a percentage of it contributes to the main prize. The jackpots always start at a pre-set amount and increase every time someone plays.

Then, when one lucky player hits the top prize, it goes back to the set amount to start increasing again. If you want to win a progressive, keep in mind that you need to be making the maximum bet in order to qualify.


As I mentioned earlier the first step to playing the best pokies games is to find the right online casino. Every casino game is only as good as the establishment you choose to patronize. Lucky for you Best Pokies took on the hard work of finding trustworthy online betting sites.

Have a look at our online casino Australia review page for our top recommended websites!

Dingo Casino Games – Double Your First Deposit With 100% Cashback!

The first impression of Dingo Casino is the simple and sleek green and gold interface. It’s instantly clear that the casino was designed specifically with Aussies in mind. As such we can’t help but have a soft spot for the platform. However, Dingo Casino games also give you one of the best selections of pokie games online! This online casino Australia review focuses on the game selection at Dingo Casino.

The games you’ll find at Dingo include all of the newest and best pokies, table games, and card tables. Moreover, the quality of the games is exceptional since most are by the leading software providers. Expect tons of choices from leading developers like BetSoft, GameScale, Fugaso, and more.

Dingo Casino Games – Live Dealer and More

It’s safe to say that most Aussie players will love the Dingo Casino games selection. Since pokies are so popular with our players.

Additionally, if you’re looking for your most authentic online betting experience yet, then give live dealer games a try. In the live section of the site, you’ll find 24/7 live tables available. Choose from many options for roulette, blackjack, poker, and more.

The best part is you don’t need to use a desktop computer to play the games. You can access the mobile site from any mobile device like your smartphone or tablet. Moreover, you don’t even need to play for real cash, you can learn how to play pokies in the free mode.

Sign-Up Bonus

If you sign up now to Dingo Casino, you qualify for a fantastic new member welcome bonus. You can claim a 100% match up deposit with doubles your cash on your first deposit. And that’s not all, you get the same value on your next three deposits as well!

I feel positive that new players will love to try all of the fabulous pokies and other games at Dingo. The casino has many excellent qualities that deserve the accolades and mentions in pokies news. Stay up to date, to be the first to receive new offers!

Try Dingo Casino and see for yourself why it’s so highly rated for user satisfaction.

Poker Chips Guide – What to Know Before Buying a Set

There are three necessities for every game of poker you play unless you’re playing poker online. You’ll need, a table, cards, and poker chips. Obviously, the table and cards are no brainers. Therefore, this helpful poker chips guide will help you decide on the right poker set for your game.

Poker aficionados understand the difference quality makes when purchasing chips. To ensure you have the perfect, quantity, and quality of chips, keep reading.

Poker Chips Guide – Finding the Right Set

As with everything else, there are many different types of poker chips you can purchase. It all depends on your budget, personal preferences, and the type of games you want to host. But don’t worry, after reading this helpful poker chips guide, you’ll have everything you need to make the right choice.

Firstly, you’ll need to consider the different types of chips available. If it’s your first-time buying poker chips, ask yourself how professional you want the game to be. For instance, a fun game at home with friends doesn’t require the highest quality chips. But a serious game in which you want to impress your guests will require the best.

Fun Games with Friends

For the games where the main focus is having fun and spending quality time with friends and family, the least expensive plastic poker sets will do. If you’re on a tight budget and playing with inexperienced guests that don’t mind the light, thin chips, plastic is efficient enough.

You can still purchase a complete set to ensure you have enough chips for everyone. Luckily, you can find these types of chips for as little as $30 for a set of 300 chips including cards.

Regular Games

If you and your poker buddies host regular games with players who are serious about the game, you’ll need a set that reflects that. You might feel a bit embarrassed if your guests who up and all you have are cheap plastic chips.

It’s not just for superficial reasons that you would want a higher quality set. Composite poker chips have a heavier feel, they are easier to stack and players appreciate their quality. These unmarked composite chips won’t break the bank, but they are made to be durable and last a lifetime if you take care of them properly.

You can also find them in sets of 300 in a stylish carrying case for $100- $150.

High Stakes Games

If you regularly host high stakes games with discerning opponents, then you probably didn’t need this poker chips guide. It’s a well-known fact that clay chips are the highest quality chips on the market. They will set you back several hundred dollars, but you can guarantee your guests will be impressed.

If you want to save the expense altogether there’s another alternative, that’s just as simple as playing pokie games. Best Pokies, we provide more than pokies news and help you learn how to play pokies.

We’re also the top online casino Australia review site, where you’ll find the best games of poker online. We’ve tested all of the casinos you see on this page and gave them a high rating for poker games at every stake level.

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