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Dingo boasts a wide range of tons of the newest and best pokies you can find. Including an endless array of themed microgames, progressive pokies, and the essential table games for all casino lovers. There’s never a dull moment when you can choose from numerous live casino games like poker, blackjack, and roulette.

If you don’t know how to play pokies, don’t worry, you can try in free mode without wasting your bonus.

What Makes the Instant Dingo Casino Login Exceptional?

The awesome signup bonus gives you every reason to give the instant Dingo casino login a try. It takes just a minute, and you’ll be inside one of the hottest casino hot spots in existence. Dingo is known for having the top bonuses, great customer service, fast payouts, and an amazing selection.

In the latest pokie news, Dingo now has mobile optimization that allows you to take your casino gaming on the go. Why wait to get to a desktop when you can play your favorite games right on your phone or tablet? Don’t worry, all of the features are the same when playing on the go.

In fact, we noticed they were even better. We were very impressed with the selection at the Dingo casino. And we certainly tried our luck to win a few of the multi-million-dollar jackpots available.

Current Promotions You Can’t-Miss!

You can now get a 100% deposit match on your first deposit AND a no deposit bonus of $14. We’re so excited about the chance to earn free Dingo dollars to put toward your favorite pokie games.

As your number one source for the best online Casino Australia reviews, we’re happy to introduce you to Dingo casino. We are huge fans of the Dingo casino platform, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

The Latest Casino Pokies Tips for Beginners

If you’re trying to learn how to play pokies, don’t worry, after this short article of casino pokies tips, you’ll be ready. The number one reason pokies are the most popular casino game in Australia is because they’re so darn easy to play. We’re sure you’ll catch on in no time.

Even if you’ve been playing for a while, you might benefit from these tips. Many pokies players can get stuck in a rut when playing, and it never hurts to try something new.

The Best Casino Pokies Tips for Winning Big

We know you didn’t come here just to play games for fun. Of course, you want a chance to win some money. We’re not saying you’re guaranteed to win; no one can honestly say that. But you’ll have a much better chance by avoiding common mistakes and following these casino pokies tips.

We wouldn’t be the best online casinos Australia review site if we didn’t also help our readers with important insights. Read on if you want to know what our experts consider the most crucial tips for winning.

Try Progressive Pokies

This is perhaps the best tip we can give you. Most pokie games have the same odds of winning regardless of which day you’re playing. Progressive jackpot pokies vary, the odds change depending on what the current jackpot is.

If the jackpot is large enough, it could really benefit you more than carrying on with typical machines. To qualify for the jackpot, keep in mind that you’ll need to make the maximum bet on progressive pokies. But that’s still relatively small compared to the multi-million-dollar jackpot potential.

Don’t Miss Out on Bonus Rounds

Most players consider bonus rounds the most exciting thing about playing modern pokies games. Bonus rounds vary according to different games, and they can get confusing at times. Some bonus rounds trigger after hours of playing.

Make sure you check out what each bonus round entails on the game you’re playing and how to trigger them.

Take Advantage of Online Casino Rewards

What’s better than having a chance to win tons of money by playing slots? Doing so without spending your own money of course. Always have a look at what kind of bonuses the casino you’re playing on offers.

Sometimes you’ll get exciting rewards like free spins, match deposits and more. You’d be crazy not to take advantage of these deals. If you’re going to play anyway, you might as well get something out of it.

If your casino offers promotions that are exclusive to pokies, all the better. You can enjoy free spins that give you a chance to win huge rewards for nothing. Casinos often email these promotions or have them listed on their promotions page, so stay up to date.

Have Fun!

At best pokies, we’re all about having fun. We don’t like to pretend that there are sure-fire ways of winning at pokies. But what we can offer and will continue to do so, are the best casino pokies tips to our readers as well as the latest pokies news.

Is Your Roulette Strategy Making You Broke?

If you’re wondering why everyone seems to have a fool-proof roulette strategy, but you’re still struggling, there could be a few reasons why. If your roulette strategy is not ideal for your bankroll, you are putting yourself in the danger of losing too much money.

Don’t panic if you haven’t figured out what works for you yet. At best pokies, we provide much more than pokies news and resources. We can help you refine your roulette strategy and avoid common mistakes as well.

Roulette is a little more complicated than pokie games. You must choose a betting strategy that allows you many chances of winning while minimizing losses. And that’s easier said than done. If it were a simple process, we’d all be rich from roulette!

Why Your Roulette Strategy Isn’t Working

We’ll go over the most popular methods for betting in roulette and explain why they might be wrong for you. Your roulette strategy should prepare you for online roulette just as it does for land-based games.

What you need to understand about roulette is that it’s based entirely on luck. There is no skill element of playing roulette. You also need to face the reality that the house always has an edge in roulette.

Most roulette wheels have thirty-eight numbers, so the probability of winning on a specific number is one in thirty-eight, but the payout is always going to be less, such as thirty-five to one. So, the house will always get something, even if you win.

Martingale and Reverse Martingale Strategies

If you’ve ever felt limited by flat bets, you’ve likely tried strategies where you raise or lower your bets based on previous results. What immediately comes to most people’s minds when they think of roulette strategies are the Martingale and Reverse Martingale systems.

You should know that these systems do not overcome the house edge in the long run, but they can improve your short-term results.

The most common betting system uses the Martingale strategy. Using this method means doubling the size of your bet after every loss and starting over once you win. The goal is to recoup your losses from previous bets and quit while you’re ahead.

What Is Wrong with Using This Kind of System?

When using a roulette system like the Martingale is that you can have a short-term winning streak. But the amounts you win are limited, and eventually, you may hit a losing streak. And when you do experience a losing streak, it may cancel our all previous wins.

The other way of looking at it is that you will recoup all losses. But then what’s the point of the game in the first place? Unless you’re playing roulette for fun, and don’t care to walk away with some extra cash.

For more roulette tips and tricks, check out our other roulette posts. We might be the best online casino Australia review site, but we love to cater to our roulette lovers as well.

Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Play Pokies Online

Pokies are, without a doubt more popular than every other casino game ever. Every week over 600,000 Aussies play pokies online or in a land-based casino. We’d say that’s a very big market indeed.

Many people do not know the first thing about how to play pokies, but even those that do tend to make certain mistakes. You can never go wrong when choosing to play pokies, they are in fact, very easy to play. But there are a few things to avoid doing that decrease your chance of winning.

Pokie games have more going for them than being extremely easy; they are also the most affordable casino games. So, it’s easy to see why they would be so popular.

We’re huge proponents of learning from the mistakes of others, so we compiled this list of common mistakes people make. If you’re wondering why you hear of others winning big, but haven’t had a win yet yourself, you might be doing something on this list.

Don’t Fall for Logic Deception When You Play Pokies Online

It’s very common to believe that after many failures at the same machine, you’re bound to win eventually. It might seem like a logical thing, but that’s not the way pokies work. These games are equipped with random number generators to ensure that every spin is random.

So, you can count on the fact that your next spin is completely detached from your last spin. The machine is not designed to keep tabs on your results and payout eventually.

It’s Not Always Best to Bet Low

You’ve probably seen it countless times in pokies news websites, that betting low is a good practice because it gives you more chances to win. That may be true for other games in a casino, but that’s not the case when you play pokies online.

With pokies betting, the minimum usually disqualifies you from jackpots and bigger wins. So, you might get more spins, but your winnings will never add up to what they would be when betting the maximum. Consider upping your bets especially when playing progressive pokies, otherwise you don’t stand a chance at winning the million-dollar jackpots.

Don’t Stick to The Same Games All the Time

People tend to gravitate to familiar games when they play pokies online, that’s understandable since the choices can seem overwhelming.

But playing only the traditional looking games can limit your wins. If you’re choosing the older looking games, you are missing out on a world of new features. Some of the best pokies out there are newer games, which are chock full of interesting features and bonuses.

They are more fun and, in many cases, can result in more winnings. At the very least, we believe your gaming experiences should be fun. And what better way to do that than by checking out different games?

We recommend reading best online casino Australia reviews to discover mind-blowing new games to try at some of the best sites in existence.

Modern Pokie Machine Secrets Revealed

Have you always wondered how exactly pokies work? The older machines are self-explanatory, but the new modern pokie machine games are quite a mystery. If you are among the 600,000 Australians that play pokies every week, you’ve probably wondered how exactly they work.

We’ve got the answers, and if you want to know the secrets to modern games and how to play pokies.

Pokies are the most popular of all casino attractions, and it’s no different for online casinos. The new software-based modern pokie machine games offer up an exciting selection of pokie games in more themes than you can imagine.

 As dedicated pokie players ourselves, we understand exactly why they are so popular. Just imagining that a small wager of one dollar or less has the potential of winning a major jackpot is enough to get your heart racing!

How Modern Pokie Machine Games Offer Fair Play

Behind the scenes, these modern pokie machine games are far from simple. These computerized innovations feature some of the greatest advancements in gaming.

One aspect most players are not aware of in any sense is the Random Number Generator. The RNG is a very complex software program that ensures the outcome of each spin is completely random. It is programmed to give you a result that is unique and separate from the previous spin.

So, if you ever thought you would win just because you got close last time, you should nix that way of thinking right now. Don’t be discouraged by this simple fact. It literally means that games are completely fair; you have as good a chance at winning as everyone else.

Why RNG’s Are Necessary

Regardless of how much or how little time you’ve spent on a machine, you have a fair chance of winning. This is the way it should be on every game of luck.

If there were something to the superstition of “warming up” a specific game, then really the richest among us would have the best chance of winning. Now that doesn’t seem fair at all, does it? Why should the person who can afford to stay on a machine the longest be the one to win?

What the RTP Rate Means

We wouldn’t be your best online casino Australia review source for pokie news if we weren’t totally honest. There is a trick to every modern pokie machine that you should know. They are all programmed to pay out only a certain percentage.

That’s right, while the result of each spin is totally random, the amount you win is not. There is a percentage called the Return to Player rate that assigns payout to each game. This goes for both online and land-based casinos.

Naturally the best pokies you can find, have the highest potential for paying you in winnings. We guarantee that by playing the games with the most potential, such as many progressive jackpots. You stand a higher chance of winning good money.

What A Time to Be Alive!

Pokies have come a long way from the primitive mechanical games found in bars. Back then, the most you could hope to win was a free drink or pack of cigarettes. But thanks to the above modern advancements, the new pokie machines can make you a millionaire.

Weirdest Aussie Pokies Player Stories

Aussie pokies player stories are numerous, to say the least. According to many news outlets, Aussies play more pokies than anywhere else. Statistically, we have more pokie games than any other country in the world. Including locations, one typically thinks of when the topic of casinos comes up, like Macau or Monaca for example.

As your best online casinos Australia review source, we’ve definitely seen and reported on our share of wins. But one anonymous Reddit user who formerly worked in a Brisbane casino beat us on the topic of weird Aussie pokies player stories. We couldn’t resist sharing the odd, quirky, and sometimes sad stories to our faithful readers.

Some of the best pokies stories are also the weirdest, continue reading, and you’ll see what we mean.

Aussie Pokies Player Who Wasted A Decent Win

According to the former casino employee, he saw firsthand the dangers of getting greedy. One night he watched a woman win five thousand dollars on a pokies game, only to proceed in losing it all back on the same machine.

She was so sure she would win again that she ended up blowing all her money that night and couldn’t even afford a taxi home.

Groom Who Couldn’t Miss A Day at Roulette

So, this one isn’t about Aussie pokies player, but an interesting roulette story. One regular customer came dressed in a tux to spend the morning of his wedding day playing roulette. He left the casino at one point only to get married and later return with his wife this time.

They proceeded to spend their wedding night playing roulette!

An Unforgettable Jackpot Win

Once the dollar machine jack went up to a few million dollars and the machine was always occupied. People would sit and play for hours and hours. One Aussie Pokies player stayed at the machine for ten hours straight.

Finally, a lucky player won the jackpot after only betting one dollar! He didn’t even realize he had won and was on his way out the door when an employee had to chase him down. Talk about luck!

It just goes to show how random the games are. Even someone who barely knows how to play pokies can be a winner.

Lucky and Unlucky at The Same Time

One commenter who also worked for a casino added his strangest experience. While managing a pub, one regular customer wins a $37,000 jackpot. But he got so excited about the win that he fell and banged his head.

He refused to leave in the ambulance without his winnings. But since he had concussed, there was no choice, and the manager had to bring his check to his house the next day. We have to wonder if he hadn’t been hurt if he would’ve stuck around and continued playing.

The Moral of the Story

We couldn’t help but notice a common theme in these pokies news stories. Big winners tend to stick around and keep playing until they lose their money again. Which brings up back to the point of quitting while you’re ahead.

If we can learn one thing from these players, it’s that lightning doesn’t usually strike the same spot twice, especially on the same day.

A Sneak Peek at The Biggest Casino in The World

Are you wondering what the biggest casino in the world has to offer? Unique casino Australia is a fabulous destination for all your casino entertainment needs. You’ll be blown away by the massive collection of pokie games, cards, and table games.

If you’re not on the hunt for pokies like hundreds of thousands of Australians every week, they also have plenty more to offer. You’ll find tons of poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and more. You can also try out live casino games on this up to date and exceptional casinos.

If you already know how to play pokies, then you should dive right in and enjoy the selection.

The Biggest Casino in The World Has Some Amazing Bonuses

As if a wide selection of the best pokies and other games wasn’t enough, Unique casino also offers amazing rewards. Evidently, Unique Casino Australia understands Aussies well and know that we’re always on the hunt for a good deal.

For signing up you get:

  • 100% welcome bonus. So, you can double your fun with a 100% match on your first deposit!
  • Free spins on your first deposit – once you make your first deposit on your verified account, you will receive 20 free spins on some of the most popular pokies. If you win, they will add it to your bonus balance.
  • Weekly bonus spins on the wheel – you can spin Unique Casino’s bonus wheel for more random rewards.
  • Daily cashback – members can apply once per day for a free cashback bonus. The amount of the bonus is determined by your status as a member and playing history.
  • A bonus on every deposit you make – in any game, there is a quick deposit box. And every deposit you make allows you a bonus!


As the best online casino Australia review site, we must say that Unique Casino has some of the best games we’ve played. We look forward to bringing more pokies news and updates about the biggest casino in the world. We urge all players to check it out and consider joining for the awesome rewards.

Are You Looking for The Best online pokies in Australia Today?

If you want to find the best online pokies in Australia today, you’re in the right place. As a new player or even someone with experience playing casino games online, you might be overwhelmed by having many choices. That’s right, online pokies come in just about every theme possible and even have certain variations on how you can play them.

Let’s have a brief but educational review of each type of pokies game, so you can begin playing with an informed perspective.

Why Players Look for The Best Online Pokies in Australia Today

Simply put, most players want to focus on the best online pokies in Australia today because they want to winpokies. While pokies can be a lot of fun to play, finding the best pokies means finding more potential to win, according to most players.

Doing a little research and finding out for yourself what the best online pokies in Australia today are, is a great start.

Best online pokies in Australia Today
First, A Brief History of Pokies

Do You Want to Win Major Jackpots?

The best online pokies in Australia today for major winnings are progressive pokies. The reason they are so rewarding is that they accumulated a percentage of the wagers that players make to create a jackpot. It’s not unusual to see progressive jackpots of millions of dollars. Imagine becoming a millionaire just from a pokies win of a major jackpot!

Do You Prefer to Take Your Time and Enjoy The Game?

If you love to play for fun but also want the chance to win money, you should try the newest interactive style pokies. They are some of the best online pokies in Australia today because they are both rewarding and fun. They were designed specifically to draw the player into the storyline as the game progressives. They are thrilled because the more you progress, the more you qualify for bonus rounds and special features. 

Interactive style pokies are also amazing to play because they have beautiful graphics and immersive soundtracks. The quality of these games is outstanding and a great example of how far we have come since the introduction of the first pokies.

Jaw-Dropping $57,903 Jackpot Win on Aristocrat Online Pokies

In the latest pokies news, a Sydney woman got her lucky break winning $57,903 on an Aristocrat online pokies game. Janice Buckley the 32-year-old single mom of three, has stated that this win will make a huge difference in their lives.

She is thrilled that she will now be able to pay off her debts. Janice no longer needs to put aside a huge chunk of the money she makes working as an esthetician towards debt repayment.

Let’s Chat A Moment About Aristocrat Online Pokies

We must commend Aristocrat online pokies. The oldest gaming development company in Australia is responsible for many similar wins in the years since it was funded. Not to mention that they produce some of the best pokies as well.

Many of the biggest pokie wins we witness are on the exciting games produced by Aristocrat. They certainly have a way of keeping things fresh for their dedicated clients and players.

As the best online casinos Australia review source, we see quite a few wins every month. But Janice’s story is very touching.

What A Life Changing Opportunity for Janice

Janice was happy enough to give us some insight into how it feels to win so much money:

“I feel such a huge sense of relief above all else. For years I’ve been dealing with crushing debt all by myself. My children are all under ten years old, and the stress of balancing motherhood and my job was taking its toll.

 I’m not the most social person; my favorite method for stress release has been going online to play pokie games.

Of course, that came with a feeling of guilt as well, I felt bad for indulging this little guilty pleasure while I have debt. But I always had a feeling it would pay off. I know they say that you usually win back only a fraction of what you bet. But I can say without a doubt I haven’t bet this much.

I always kept it to a minimum by giving myself a cap every time I go on. I am so happy that the day has come when I can afford to take my kids on a trip, pay off my debts, and get a new start. For me this is a lot of money, it’s more than I make in a whole year.

I’m so glad I learned how to play pokies, and I love that it’s something I can enjoy without leaving my home. With three little ones, that’s not an easy task.”

We are beyond excited for this hardworking mom, and we wish you all the best Janice!

How Searching “Pokies Near Me” Resulted in A Massive Win!

A man from Melbourne won a massive jackpot online after a simple search we all do. Ethan Taylor, a 28-year-old paramedic, was at work on a particularly slow night when he decided to do something we’ve all done. He searched for “pokies near me,” which later led to the win of his life!

Ethan won $254,598 on a progressive jackpot pokie! One of the biggest pokie wins of the week! And he did it by landing on our page of recommended casinos. We couldn’t be happier for Ethan.

woo casino

Ethan Can’t Believe His Luck from Searching Pokies Near Me

We asked him how it feels to win so much and what he plans to do with the money, and here is what he said:

“I usually play online when I’m at home, but on this night, I decided to google some pokies near me. I was just bored and needed a way to pass the time. So, I read some best online casinos Australia reviews and decided to play from a site on the best pokies.

I had no idea I could ever win this much money. I mean, I knew that some jackpots get huge, sometimes millions. But I’ve never been so lucky in casinos, but I just love playing slots, they’re so addicting. To think a few months ago, I didn’t even know how to play pokies and now look what happened. It’s amazing.”

An Unimaginable Win!     

“Who could imagine winning this much money? I know it happens, but I never thought I would get so lucky. I guess I always thought there was a catch to the whole thing, so I thought of it as more a way to pass the time. I never counted on actually winning so much money, so I stuck to smaller bets like pokie games.

I’ve never tried any other casino games, in all honesty. Now I can finally do some of the travelings I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’ve always dreamed of buying a nice car and doing some more traveling and now I can do that.”

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