The 4 Sneakiest Cheats to Win Pokies

Pokie games are by the most rewarding games in any casino when you compare the wagers to how much you can win. They are also unique in that they can yield the highest profits for the house, players, and even cheaters who manage to come up with a successful system. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the sneakiest ways clever cheats have come up to win pokies.

For instance, slots can bring in a lot of money for a very low risk. With just a few dollars people can legitimately win tens of thousands of dollars. Therefore, you can just imagine how simply throughout history scammers managed to trick the machines. It’s also easy to understand why they are a constant target for cheats.

Best Pokies does not recommend trying any of the following. Firstly, they are not possible in modern software games. Secondly, you’re more likely to wind up in jail than to win millions.

Win Pokies

Scams to Win Pokies – Cheat Codes

Engineers are the geniuses responsible for designing slot games and machines. All modern games for regular auditing and monitoring while at the same time providing the chance to win pokies.

These engineers are also in a prime position to rig the machines and set up a system to scam the casino. For instance, the infamous Ronald Dale Harris, a Nevada based engineer who figured out how to manipulate the slots using cheat codes.

Knowing the source codes, he managed to cheat machines for years. It wasn’t until 1995 that he and his partner got caught after cheating in Keno and winning $100,000.

Fake Coins

Using fake coins was the method that Louis “the coin” Colavecchio chose, he managed to scam different casinos for years. After getting caught and spending years in prison, he was released in 2006, only to immediately resume his cheating ways.


Older slots machines were mechanical and hence much easier to cheat than modern-day software games. It’s no longer remotely possible, to use magnets to win pokies. However, when the machines were metal it was an easy cheat that worked for many scammers.

The basic idea is that you can spin the reels, then use a magnet to make them stop at a winning combination. This one required sleight of hand and being extremely sneaky to avoid getting caught.


Some scammers mastered the technique of using a coin attached to a string to cheat the machine. They would send the coin down and bring it back up to play without risking their money. Thanks to the invention of new and advanced machines, this is no longer possible at all.


As you can see from all of the cheaters that got caught and spent time in prison. Cheating is not worth it, and casinos do not take it lightly. I highly recommend against trying to do any of the above.

However, there are more chances to find high payout games now than ever before. You’re much better off keeping up with pokie news and learning how to play pokies to win pokies legitimately.

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