Tips for How to Win Pokies – Aussie Player Cashes Out $27,289 On Tablet

This week a player from Sydney was playing on her tablet when she hit a jackpot worth over $27 thousand! This and some tips for how to win pokies.

The recent jackpot winner of $27, 389 is revealed as Anna R. A 56-year-old avid pokers player from Sydney. She started playing in local casinos and then quickly moved on to online pokies. Since it offered the convenience of playing from anywhere instead of only on desktop. Naturally, this led to a search of tips for how to win pokies, now she’s won quite a nice sum of extra cash!

Do Tips for How to Win Pokies Work?

Many people wonder if tips for how to win pokies could actually work. However, even though it’s a fact that pokies are based on luck, there are a few tips for winning that actually contribute to winning.

Most of these tips for how to play pokies are related to choosing the right pokies games in the first place. Rather than playing a certain way. Winner’s like Anna tend to always play progressive jackpots, since they have bigger rewards.

Moreover, while it’s a great idea to try your luck on a huge progressive, for longer play it’s best to go with ones that are smaller. Or choosing games that are more volatile than others. This is a category that most non-progressives tend to fall under.

Choosing Games with the Highest RTP

The RTP or Return to Player of a game is the amount of money the game can pay back. The rate is calculated as a percentage, and the higher the rate is, the better the odds are of winning. Therefore, making this a factor of the games you play will have a great effect on your wins.

Not to worry, all of the best online pokies real money that you see here have RTP rates of at least 96%. Furthermore, online slots and other games in general will usually have better prizes and odds of winning. When you compare them to land-based casinos.

Don’t Forget to Claim Your Bonus Offers

Here’s the interesting thing about welcome offers which can be free spins, cashback and more. They aren’t necessarily set up to benefit you and not the casino in any way. However, if you use them correctly, they can be very advantageous to you. While also giving the casino a chance to stand out from competitors. Of which there are countless platforms available to Aussies. And although the casinos are giving out free spins where players can still win. Or double thousands of dollars in first deposits, they are still making money.

For example, you won’t come across any welcome bonus or special incentive that doesn’t have a wagering requirement. But this is how the casino ensures that you’ll stick around and not leave the moment you claim your reward.

Not only do welcome rewards introduce you to the best online pokies Australia, but it also helps you to get acquainted with the games you want with less risk.

Now that you know the top tips for how to win pokies, ready to play? Check out these incredible platforms, now offering fabulous rewards!

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