Sydney Player Wins $17,490 at Emu Casino

Australian players are collecting when it comes to jackpots at sites like Emu Casino  and many others. Like this week’s lucky winner of $17, 490 who hails from Sydney!

Playing online pokies is a favorite pastime of many players around the world. And with very good reason, not only is it a fun and exciting way to pass a few hours, but you could also win good money without risking anywhere near what you could gain. That’s what set’s it apart from most other casino games. One lucky fan of pokies games is Emu Casino  player Rick M. Who won over 17,000 dollars this week!

Emu Casino    Is Just One of the Site Paying Off Big Time!

Pokies sites like Emu Casino  are seeing more and more players visiting to play progressives and other popular types of slots. Which is one of the reasons the progressive jackpots build up so quickly, to payout generously to lucky players.

Even someone like Rick who has been playing in casinos locally and during his travels finds the selection and games online impressive. One reason he couldn’t resist returning often to find new games. Something that’s not hard to come across when you’re looking for the best online pokies real money pokies.

What’s The Best Pokies Machine To Play?

This question is on most players’ minds. However, there’s no clear answer to this question. For instance, progressives will give you the biggest prizes, often hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. But they do not pay out very often compared to other types of games, which pay out more frequently but in smaller amounts.

The games you choose to play will depend on your budget, how often you play, and your taste. If you’re patient and can afford to make the maximum bets on some of the biggest progressives, then you must give it a try. But don’t sit for hours playing this way, because it can drain your bankroll quickly.

Keep your progressives sessions shorter. When you’re playing regular pokies, you can spend longer on a game since they are more likely to pay out intermittently.

Which Casinos Are Good?

Of course, since pokies are based on chance, no one is guaranteed to win eventually, even when playing the most volatile games. Additionally, there’s no special trick for how to play pokies that will ensure an eventual win.

The only thing you can do is choose a reputable site such as Emu Casino  and follow the above guideline on the games to play. Additionally, you can claim the available free spins and match bonuses to boost your balance and give you more chances to win.

A reliable and trustworthy casino is the best online pokies Australia site you can find. Like the ones you see here which have been tested by players and experts all over. These casinos are recommended because they provide a fair opportunity to really win the jackpots advertised. This is the only guarantee you can get from any casino.

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