Lightning Link Casino User Wins $20,930!

A lucky player from Melbourne is on the receiving end of a huge $20, 930 jackpot at Lightning Link Casino.

Recently there’s been a swarm of Aussie players snatching up remarkable jackpots at sites like Lightning Link Casino. Most recently, it was Rachel J. a 64-year-old, long time pokies player. Who recently took her game online after decades of playing at her favorite brick and mortar hotspots with friends.

It likely didn’t take long for her to see the benefits of playing online versus the traditional way. And we’re sure the tens of thousands she just won is proof enough that you don’t need look further than your computer, phone or tablet to enjoy enormous wins.

About Lightning Link Casino

The Lightning Link Casino prides itself as one of the best free online pokies apps. The promise is that one click will transport you to Vegas style betting right from the comfort of home. Moreover, much like all of the leading online casinos currently available, there are a ton of huge jackpots available now.

Want free and real money pokies games on your phone or tablet? You’ll find them at Lightning Link Casino and our other top-rated platforms. Which we present right here at Best Pokies. Browse hundreds of games, including pokies, roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, craps and many more. The opportunities to win cold, hard cash are better than ever.

Keep reading and we’ll provide a few expert tips on how to play pokies. Which will take your game to the next level and take you one step closer to hitting the jackpot.

Have You Ever Thought About the RTP of the Game You’re Playing?

The RTP or Return to Player of a game is the amount of money the game can pay back from what players put in. The rate is calculated as a percentage, and the higher the rate is, the better the odds are of winning. Therefore, making this a factor of the games you play will have a great effect on your wins.

Not to worry, all of the best online pokies real money that you see here have RTP rates of at least 95%. Moreover, online slots and table games generally have better prizes and odds of winning. When you compare them to most brick-and-mortar destinations for playing pokies.

Don’t Pass Up These Fabulous Offers

The most exciting thing about welcome offers which can be free spins, cashback and more. Of course, these promotions aren’t exactly set up to benefit only you and not the casino in any way. However, if you use them properly, they can be extremely advantageous to you. While also giving the casino a chance to stand out from competitors.

With so many awesome platforms currently welcome players in Australia. It can be quite a task to find and present the best online pokies Australia promotional deals. Therefore, we spend quite some time reading over the terms and conditions, wagering requirements and comparing different leading sites.

In the end, we’re able to provide you with a list of the most reliable, trustworthy, and generous casinos. In addition to finding you the biggest jackpots to try your luck with. You’re in good hands at all of the casinos you see here. But stay tuned for more!

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