Aussie Looking for Small Cash Loans, Wins $31,690!

An Aussie father of three admits he was looking for small cash loans to stay afloat when he hit a $31,690 jackpot! There’s nothing betting than a pokies news story of someone in need of cash hitting big. And winning more than enough to cover their expenses!

It happens more often than you think. And closer to home with the growing number of players and casinos opening in Australia. We see many of the biggest pokie wins each week taking place right here and couldn’t be happier.

42-year-old father of three Kelvin Petty was in shock when he hit a bonus round that catapulted him to a $31,690 jackpot. “it happened so quickly. I was playing the game for almost an hour and only won a few dollars here and there. Suddenly my screen went crazy, and I saw that I had won over 31,000 thousand dollars.”

We’re sure it was a relief to know that he can solve his current financial issues with the money he won in one hour!

Needless to Say, He Will No Longer Need Small Cash Loans

Some of us can only imagine what it would be like to manage our finances with occasional small cash loans to help us through. In fact, pokie games are not something we would typically recommend for someone in this position. However, when it’s a form of entertainment that someone is careful about managing, it certainly doesn’t hurt to try your luck.

Last week someone in a similar predicament who was looking for small cash loans, also won a large jackpot and it’s certainly not uncommon. Be smart about how much you can spend playing pokies, while still allowing yourself the pleasure of enjoying your favorite hobby.

Expert Tips for Optimizing Wins

Best Pokies resident expert had some interesting tips for hopefuls looking to hit a jackpot. The easy part is learning how to play pokies. What proves to be a bit more challenging is choosing the right online casinos and games.

Let’s start with the games you should be playing if you want to win big. If you’ve been playing for any given time, you’ve likely come across information about return to player rates. The RTP is how much a game can give back to players as wins. Obviously, choosing the games with the highest RTP rates will give you more chances to win.

Next, the amount you win depends on how much the machine is offering. Progressive jackpots offer more because they a link of games that build up to bigger jackpots, faster. Therefore, you’re more likely to win big by playing these types of games.

Lastly, and most importantly, join a reputable online casino. We’ve seen it many times where winners complain in forums about certain casinos that find reasons to refuse winnings or take forever to process withdrawals. Don’t be a victim of an unscrupulous online casino.  

Choosing from our list of online casino Australia review shortlists means you’ll access only the top tier casinos. These websites have great reputations to maintain and you can count on everything going smoothly.

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