Aussie Ace Pokies User Wins $29,240 Jackpot!

Recently an Ace Pokies player proves that online slots have better odds, when she won almost $30 thousand playing on the mobile site.

With all of the fabulous prizes being snatched up by Ace Pokies players and others from similar platforms. It would certainly seem that the online market is much more generous in terms of jackpot prizes being given out.

At least, that was the case for Alicia M. a Melbourne woman who regularly plays live casino offerings online. Recently, the enormous online pokies jackpots available caught her eye and she just couldn’t resist trying her luck.

Good thing she did, because if she had stuck with table games, she might never have won such an amazing prize!

About Ace Pokies

We certainly intend to do a complete Ace Pokies review and find out everything you need to know about the popular site. On the surface, it’s a prominent and platform for pokies and many card and table games.

The site offers instant play access to tons of different pokies games to choose from. Including progressives boasting prizes of tens of thousands of dollars. Try your luck there or at one of the excellent industry names you see here. Which we have confirmed are legitimate and reputable.

Which Types of Pokies are Worth Playing?

We don’t want to tell you what to play, because there are so many different themes and styles of games. Which you should explore and experience for yourself.

However, when it comes to winning jackpots, there are a few things you must consider. And this will require some basic knowledge about the categories of games.

For example, here are the best online pokies real money games currently:

  • Themed Slots – These are appealing because they come in any theme you could want. All of the top developers consistently come up with new games based on the latest movies, tv shows, or pop culture icons. These games are always user-friendly, fun and offer some pretty great payouts too.
  • Progressive Slots – Looking for something with bigger rewards? Then progressive slots offer a whole new type of experience. These games offer a gameplay that you won’t believe. Combine that with the chance to win heaps of cash, and you’re in for a treat.

Progressives are the clear favorite of most players that are chasing big jackpot dreams. These pokies get their name from the fact that the jackpot is always progressing, growing into incredible prizes.

Is it True That You Have Better Odds of Winning?

It’s worth suggesting that it seems like online casinos are giving out more frequent and bigger jackpots wins than land-based. But is there any truth to that claim?

In addition to the many promotional offers you can claim which let you play for free, the games themselves technically come with better odds

That’s right, the average return to player rate at the best online pokies Australia sites is more than land-based casinos. This provides players with a much better chance than local machines.

For instance, most slot machines in casinos have around 90-93% RTP. Whereas online software games give out 93-98% back. Moreover, you can find many more helpful tips and tricks on how to play pokies, to further improve your chances!

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