An Aussie Payday Loans Customer Service Agent Wins $28,574 Jackpot!

Imagine working in an industry where you speak to hundreds of people every week who are in need of payday loans. Times are tough in ways we couldn’t have imagined even last year. But for this lucky payday loans customer service agent, getting one of the biggest pokie wins of the week was a dream come true!

This pokie games win came just in time for 25-year-old Lyra Mill, a payday loans employee who was going through financial problems herself. $28,000 can go a long way in securing her future by paying off some student debts and keeping herself afloat.

Payday Loans Job is Now a Thing of The Past for Lucky Winner

Lyra commented that she would like to leave her job as a payday loans customer service agent and use the money to pursue her entrepreneurial interests. The freedom that comes along with winning such a large amount of money is incredible. Most winners use it to pursue lifelong dreams that require a lump sum they never imagined would materialize.

At Best Pokies, we’re always so happy to hear about fellow Aussies hitting big jackpots. The best part is that we here tons of stories from winners that won more than once. In the case of playing pokies, lightning does seem to strike twice sometimes.

The reason this happens for many lucky players is the randomness of each spin. The Australian online casinos we recommend always use random number generators to ensure each spin is unique. That’s why you’ll hear about recurring wins because the machine doesn’t know that you’ve won before!

Some Tips for Winning Pokies

As much experience as I have in this industry, I can only help you learn how to play pokies. Whether you win a major jackpot in the future depends on luck. However, I do have a few pointers to help you optimize your chances.

Firstly, as with all other casino games, the more money you bet, the more potential for greater rewards. Pokies are cheaper than other games in both online and land-based casinos. But that doesn’t mean you should always play the cheaper games or bet on the minimum lines. For instance, progressive pokies; the ones you see constantly in pokies news, require the maximum bet to qualify for the jackpot.

What this means is that unless you’re making the max bet on a progressive game, you can only win small amounts. It’s also worth noting that many of the higher denomination games also come with higher RTP rates. The return to player rate dictates how much money a game can give back to players in the form of winning.

Therefore, it’s worth seeking out games with higher RTP rates, even if they cost slightly more to play.

Another great piece of advice is to always choose a reputable online casino. Our online casino Australia reviews can guide you in the direction of high paying and respectable websites. As such, you can expect fair treatment at all times, a great selection of games, and more value for your dollar!

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